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  1. Bob Thompson

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    Yet another request,
    There must be thousands of bander's use tMP on a weekly basis, so there must be hundreds of you in bands that have websites, why not link Brass Band Aid to your website?
    By doing this you will be raising awareness further a field.
    Many of you have already added the BBA link and as you may have noticed, we have reciprocated.
    It would be useful however, if when you do link us, you let us know! That way no one will be upset if we haven’t placed you on the BBA website!!

    Now here’s an idea, whoever gets a brass band, the greatest distance from the UK, to place the BBA link on their website will receive a BBA goody pack.

    I'm not sure what it will be in it, but it will certainly be a good one.
    "That’s unfair" I here you say, "most of us live in the UK", well it doesn’t have to be your own band, see if you can encourage a brass band on the other side of the world to make the link, in addition to your own.

    I will keep this offer open until the middle of December.

    Please ensure that when you do this, the relevant bands e mail me to confirm.

    In December I will then set off with my tape measure and adjudicate the winning link!

    Let the link commence.

    Ps. I’m sure I have missed something here! No doubt someone will point out a loop hole!
  2. Bob Thompson

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    BBA link

    We have found the Brass BAnd Aid CD for sale in an online shop in Japan!
    We have translated the text best we can via google, however, I do think perhaps google need to have another look at the translator they are using!!
    You can view it via our website on the frontpage,

    If anyone can speak Japanese, we would love to know who is supplying them with the CD!
    Bob T
  3. Jan H

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    I only know a few very simple sentences in Japanese, so I could not help you with translating the site. They seem to sell many European brass and wind band CD's, so maybe they just buy them over here and sell them on in Japan? But there is an e-mail adres on there, so you could try to ask them were they get the CD's...

    If you do send an e-mail, remember to use very simple words and grammar. From my experience, if you make your sentences too long and complicated, it's often difficult to understand for Japanese people.
  4. Bob Thompson

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    BBA Logo

    It seems that the Brisbane Excelsior Band is the website farthest away at the moment, mind you, my tape measure may be incorrect.
    If you spot any on the web, please let us know. Indeed if you spot any stories on the web or anywhere else relating to BBA get in touch.
    ps. I know there is to be a story in Cosmo girl in November!