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  1. David Mann

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    Can anyone claim a teacher / pupil line back to the brass band greats (Rimmer, Gladney, Swift and others)? Piano example:

    Anton Nel belongs to one of the most famous lines of pianists ever. Nel's teacher was South African virtuoso Adolph Hallis, who was taught by the most famous of the Romantic piano teachers, Theodor Leschetizky, who in turn was taught by Carl Czerny, a pedagogue whose studies most piano students still play today. Czerny was taught by none other than Ludwig van Beethoven, who for his part was taught by Mozart's composer friend, and rival, Joseph Haydn. Before that, the piano didn't even exist.

    full article here
  2. Aussie Tuba

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    My Teacher Pupil Line goes back to my Grandfather George Wilks who was a Great Euphonium Player in the Brass Band Movement of his Day.
    He played for The Hereford Band under Alfred Grainger , as well as many other Bands. including The City of Birmingham before they Changed their name to The City of Birmingham.
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    Brass band Royalty then :-D
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    Not completely in line with this thread, but my Great Grandfather was a cornet player and his father a Bass player, both for St Hilda Colliery Band.
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    A little while ago I had an opportunity to talk to Harry Bentham, who has taught hundreds of players in his time, and he told me he played principal cornet for William Halliwell :eek: - Dick Evans was his 3rd man down for a while. So anyone taught by Harry can claim a pretty impressive "lineage"!
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    We have a 'Rimmer' in our band who claims to have a famous great-grandfather, wouldn't divulge who between breaths though...............