Lincs musicians climb Snowdon for NSPCC and important child protection campaign

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    A group of musicians from Lincolnshire will be putting on what is thought to be the first ever charity Brass Band concert at the top of Mount Snowdon.
    The experienced players, calling themselves Rambling Brass, will carry their instruments up the 3,500 :eek: feet to the summit of one of Britain’s highest mountains.

    And the concert on Saturday 30th August will raise money for the NSPCC, plus launch an important awareness campaign within the Brass Band community.

    Organiser Heidi Bradley said: “I wanted to do something different both to raise money for such an important charity and to launch the Off The Shelf Campaign.”

    “So we tried to think of somewhere a concert has never been done before, and decided Mount Snowdon was perfect. It’s often described as the busiest mountain in Britain, so there should be a good audience for us!”

    The group all play for local brass bands and are used to performing, although normally at lower altitudes! Their website is

    They are currently having a piece of music specially commissioned for them to play at the summit.

    All money raised will go to the NSPCC. Donations can be made online now at

    The charity concert is also being used to launch an awareness campaign within the National Brass Band community.

    The Off The Shelf Campaign aims to encourage Brass Bands from across the country to review their Child Protection policy using NSPCC guidance. Heidi stated "This campaign is being launched to help Bands gain a better understanding of the legal requirements and what minimum standards they should be working towards in terms of safeguarding children. Many Bands across the country either have junior bands or young people within their senior bands and the area of Child Protection can be very confusing."

    The campaigns website asks Bands to make a pledge to review their Child Protection policy at their next committee meeting and provides step by step guidance through the NSPCC's StopCheck document on how to go about this. See

    Heidi added: “We are expecting this to be a huge success and the perfect way to launch the campaign and raise a lot of money. The only thing we’re not clear on is how to top it next year – taking a Brass Band up Everest :pig could be too much.”
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    Its alright for you horn players, what about the poor bass players carrying there great lumps of metal up the great lump of Snowdon!
  3. hornplaya89

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    they should have thought about that before they took up bass! great lumps...
  4. steve butler

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    Well I never contemplated carrying MY great lump to the top of another great lump, when I considered humping my lump (as it were) for the first time :D
  5. hornplaya89

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    I was born with my great lumps

    oooook off topic...SPONSER US! :D
  6. ronnie_the_lizard

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    Go on, Steve, you know you want to really.
    Could be fun going up over Crib goch with a Tuba ;)
  7. steve butler

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    :biggrin: Might be easier with the sousaphone - hope its not too windy though :eek:
  8. hornplaya89

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    ok, the just giving link is being a bit awkward...if you are having problems donating through it then don't hesitate to contact me!
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    Fantastic idea! I'm just sorry I have to play on the other side of the Pennines the following day or I would join you (honest).
    Just one thing bothers me - how do you train to climb Snowdon - In LINCOLNSHIRE??????? Next to Norfolk I can't think of a flatter county. Perhaps you should nip up to see some of the bands around Sheffield (My home town) and find out how they manage. Marching up hills is an art form up there.
    I hope a miracle happens and the rain stops and the clouds disappear for you all. I think they are due a dry day this year.
    By the way Basses, if it all gets a bit too much - catch the train - much easier :)
  10. hornplaya89

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    haha thanks for the enthusiasm! I know, training is hard, but we've done some hills today! We'll just take it at a steady pace i think :)
    p.s. NOBODY is getting the train!!!
  11. grausue

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    Yes, I'd be interested to know where the training is taking place!! I didn't see you today and I live in the wolds - the only undulating part of Lincs.

  12. steve butler

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    I'd heard there were some great lumps in Lincs. :wink:
  13. grausue

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    P.S. can't even practice with the train in my part of Lincolnshire and buses are scarce too
  14. hornplaya89

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    Brass Band Climbs Snowdon!

    This event is
    a) To raise money for the NSPCC
    b) to launch our awareness campaign 'Off the Shelf', which encourages brass bands to review and clarify their child protection policies.

    We are doing the climb next weekend and you can see information about us and all of our training walks here
    You can also sponser us from here and send us some good luck messages (believe me, we'll need them!)

    Your support will be really appreciated!
    Thanks muchly
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    We made it to the summit, for anyone interested! Pictures, videos, blogs and more to be posted on the website soon!
  16. steve butler

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    Well done! Hope you kept dry :D