Life's 'Little Challenges'

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Charmed, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. Charmed

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    Just one more little challenge!


    Who would think that losing keys would turn out to be such a challenge. In the 'old' days one would have just thought, oh b****er and just got some replacements. These days it's a major operation!

    Story so far -
    11pm - just about to turn in for the night and husband's keys discovered missing. Not seen between 3pm - 11pm.
    1am - after 2 hours searching every nook & cranny, going over every possible scenario from him leaving the car to entering the house, apporx 25 feet, we realise they are nowhere to be found in the house. After discovering the car unlocked, this of course poses another problem as he always locks the car, 'who has opened it?'
    1.15am - scary thought that he may have dropped them outside on the road and someone may have picked them up. Now, if this is the case, has the person picked them up and a)honest person - taken them to the police station (no point in phoning as the local police station is not going to pick up at this time in the morning!) or b) dishonest person - checked to see if the keys belong to the car next to it and by default the house next to the car, and is waiting for an opportune moment to enter the house and decide that all personal items now belong to him/her?
    1.30am - After going through several scenarios, decision taken to use spare car keys to fetch the car onto the driveway and block it in behind my car. Jam the door locks in the house with keys, so no one can gain access, if indeed we are able to fall asleep with the thought that someone may try and gain entry to car/house in the middle of the night!
    1.45am - decision taken to try and get some sleep!
    4.30am - husband gets up for work and wakes me up so we can swap the cars back round.
    5am - I'm checking out the local locksmiths in the area, and thinking how my manager is going to react to me not turning into work while I'm waiting for the house locks to be changed, and what to say to the person I'm having to cancel my weekly meeting with this morning as I already cancelled last weeks, due to sickness!

    Challenges for today - As it would be our fault if anyone 'broke' into the house, and/or stole the car which would make the insurances invalid, find a locksmith who will respond quickly and not fleece me for needing their assistance, phone up the garage to see if it's possible to have car locks changed without it being a 3 day operation and £100s of pounds! Then try and get into work without using too much flexi.

    Oh, and after only 2 1/2 hours 'sleep', I've then got to get through today and meet work colleagues for a meal tonight for a collegues leaving do. Considering this will be the first time I will have gone out since 'god knows when', I will be there even if I am sleepwalking!
  2. 2nd man down

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    Aw bless. Hope you find them somewhere safe before it costs you either loads of cash or you find you've had some scum bag in your house or car.

    It's such a pity we can no longer just trust that they'll get handed in to the police.
  3. ian perks

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    I am not good with keys.
    Now and again misplace them but dont lose them.
    The best was:I worked at this place the once and on a thursday we had the laundry come to change our white butchers coats , anyway i had a half day on a thursdays and swapped the keys over with the manager so i had the other set without the Safe Keys on.
    Well i came to take my clean coat off and give the keys to the manager :oops:-time cant find the MAIN set of keys:(
    I said i think they are in with the dirty coats if not then :dunno well a few words exchanged place between him and me:ranting2: with plenty of those words been said.
    So i went round to the office to tell the gaffers they were :mad: to say the least with me so i said "Phone the ????????????? laundry company(that was with a few more of those words said as well) i am 110% sure the keys are in the dirty laundry "
    As it turned out they were in with the laundry ready for the wash:biggrin: .:woo
  4. sugarandspice

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    I had some "issues" with losing the keys to my suitcase at the weekend, i never found them and know how annoying it is to lose keys!

    Hope it all works out ok for you!
  5. Thirteen Ball

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    Crikey that's no fun. Hope things work out for you soon. I hope there's some solace in the fact that it's not just you! It's not been a good day for me either. Thankfully not key related, but just as intenseley frustrating.


    You find out about a promotion going on your section, two days before the closing date, but cannot download the application pack as the power fails at work that evening. Next day comes round, E-mail the application form home, spend half the night filling it in, get to work on the closing date and are then told it’s the wrong application form. After a handful of furious curses, find the correct form on the website, download it, spend an hour’s flexi time that you don’t have filling it in, get it checked, spend another 20 minutes walking across town to recruitment, submit the form, think all’s well, then realise one hour after the recruitment office has closed that you’ve forgotten to sign the declaration at the end of the form, and are now, after all that probably disqualified.

    That’s how my day went so far! I really shouldn’t have bothered getting up.And it's band practice this evening.... Wonder what I'll play like now? You are not alone!!

    Honestly, if it didn't sound so much like an episode of Mr Bean, I'd have cut my wrists by now!!
  6. Charmed

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    Still haven't come across the keys. They haven't been handed in to the police. Managed to get the locks changed on the house without having to call a locksmith. Uncle is a builder and he happened to have 2 in his van and brother kindly fitted them for us.

    Just the problem of the car keys now. Can you get these changed? If yes, does anyone know how much it's likely to cost?
  7. DaveR

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    I had to have the ignition changed on my car a couple of months ago because the key wouldn't turn. As part of the ignition set, new door locks were provided, presumably in order to avoid needing to carry new keys around. I *think* I paid about 130 quid, but that was only for parts and changing the ignition barrel. I would expect another £50 or so to change the door locks too.

    Good luck!

  8. Cornishwomble

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    What about the one you swallowed at Butlins? Has it been "returned" to you yet?
  9. DaveR

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    :eek: I've got to ask. How did you swallow a key? :eek: I wouldn't much fancy the experience of having it returned either, ouch!
  10. flower girl

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    i lost my keys down a euph along with my mouthpiece, i finally found them when i could stand the rattling from the euph no longer, tipped it upside down and there they were :oops:
  11. Thirteen Ball

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    I saw a chap from Knottingley silver do that on an Eb bass with his glasses.... on stage!!


    (There goes my depping work!)
  12. sugarandspice

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    Well thankyou MR Taylor!! Yes, so on saturday night i managed to swallow some keys while listening to the results, i still maintain that it was not my fault!!

    One of the boys we were sharing with was messing about with the keys to the mini padlock for my suitcase, and decided to produce them later on in the evening. Rather than just giving them to me when i asked he put them in my drink (which happpened to contain about a 1/4 litre of vodka) The shape of the glass meant i couldnt put my hand in and get them so i had to drink my way to the bottom, only in the process i forgot they were there and me and liz had a race to finish our drinks. I won.
    On Sunday morning simon asked me if i got my keys back, at which point i remembered that i never recovered them from the glass, which i had emptied in our "drinking race". I screamed a bit, almost cried and everyone laughed at me!
    I never even attempted to find the keys! But i still think it's simons fault for being stupid enough to put them in my drink!

    I'm sure theres a moral in there somewhere!!
  13. horny

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    The idea that u are not insured if your keys are stolen is a myth! About 6 years ago my car keys were stolen from my house and my car was taken (the thieves used the car keys) I got fully recompensed for this theft even though they used the keys to open the car and take it!
  14. Charmed

    Charmed Active Member

    Yes - that's right. My sister's house was broken into and among other things they stole both their cars. They too were insured. But I do believe that if you loose your keys and then the car is stolen later and you hadn't taken reasonble steps to prevent this from happening, then it could make your claim invalid. Or so I've been led to believe.
  15. Di

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    I have a fair reputation for knowing exactly where everything is in our house. Of course, things do get lost and we spend ages looking for them, but I tend to notice things and where they are. Soo how about it, tell me what hubby's routine is when he comes home and what he did that night, see if I can tell you where he put them. :tongue:
  16. Charmed

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    Walked through the door, didn't need to unlock. Thought he put his keys on the side (by the door as he always does) not there, got some scelotape out of the cupboard to stick some music (not there), went upstairs and got undressed (I was at work, honest), went into the bath, got dressed, came back downstairs and sat and watched a DVD. Went to band later that evening (I drove), came home, watched a bit more TV until we decided to go to bed at 11am. That's when I discovered the keys were missing, as he gets up at 4.30am, I always lock the door with his keys and hide mine (he once took my keys as well as his own to work!)

    We have retraced everything, I've slit open the chair he was sat in (underneath) to see if they sneaked down the sides. The only place we haven't looked is the bandroom. I wondered if he had picked his keys up when we went to band and perhaps put them down somewhere.

    I'll be honest, my husband would lose his head if it was loose, and that is no understatement! I am always searching for something he has lost, usually it is right under his nose! But I just can't think of any other place to look, apart from the bandroom, but I don't recall seeing him with any keys when he got into my car. I too am usually good at finding his lost things, but I am totally at a loss this time, which is why I believe he has dropped them outside on his way in and someone has picked them up.

    But if you have any suggestions, I'm all 'ears'.
  17. Di

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    Sounds exactly like my old man ..;) We have a key hook in the porch, where every other set of keys goes, except his! I'm often on my way to work in the morning and will get a phone call "where's me keys?" :roll:

    Now then, lets see. Not on the shelf where they should be .... any shoes/boots or boxes under shelf?

    Went to the cupboard for sellotape .... but where was the music, checked where that came from too?

    Went and got undressed (not looking .. honest) .... have they fallen out the pocket and got kicked under the bed? (presuming of course he undressed in the bedroom rather than the bathroom).

    Have you checked on the floor behind the loo(s) in case they've fallen out of a pocket there?

    Children ..... Has your son taken the keys from the shelf to fetch something out of the car and then walked them into his bedroom with them. (Thats usually the only time mine go missing from the hook .... a certain young drummer fetching his drum sticks from the car and dropping the keys next to his drum kit when he sits down to play).

    I can't imagine, if you drive to band, that he'd need to pick the keys up on the way out, unless he was expecting to drive home and he has a spare to your car on his keyring.

    Well, thats my best shot for now ... good luck. :)
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  18. rutty

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    Surely the key-fob must have smarted a bit? :eek:
  19. Cornishwomble

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    She's a Cornish lass, they have big hips :redface:
  20. 2nd man down

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    Ooh!! Bravely said roy, only three hundred and odd miles separate you from a certain grisly death. :-?