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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by cottenham_brass, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. cottenham_brass

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    8 more pieces which are languishing
    unplayed in the filing cabinets.
    What better way to expand your repertoire for very little money?

    All bidding starts at only 50 pence, and we will ship worldwide.
    Payment by PayPal is preferred.

    Brass Band Music - Quick March "Right Sort" £0.50 09-Feb-04 19:36:32 GMT

    Brass Band Music - 3 Sacred Quick Marches £0.50 09-Feb-04 19:39:54 GMT

    Brass Band Music - 2 Quick Marches £0.50 09-Feb-04 19:43:38 GMT

    Brass Band Music - Welsh Gems £0.50 09-Feb-04 19:46:21 GMT

    Brass Band Music - Fantasias "Olga" & Sunbeam £0.50 09-Feb-04 19:48:57 GMT

    Brass Band Music - Heroic Overture "BLENHEIM" £0.50 09-Feb-04 19:51:50 GMT

    Brass Band Music - Overture "Si J'etais Roi" £0.50 09-Feb-04 19:54:25 GMT

    Brass Band Music - Night in Grenada-Kreutzer £0.50 09-Feb-04 19:56:05 GMT
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