Leyland to move to new bandroom

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    Hadfield,( AKA Royston Vasey)
    My previous thread seems to have disappeared on this topic so I thought I would resubmit.

    Leyland Band are pleased to announce that they will shortly be moving to a new home:clap:

    After spending over a decade away from the town, occupying rehearsal rooms in Warrington , Wigan, Billinge and for the last two years, Blackrod near Bolton , the Band are taking the next step towards a permanent home back in the town that gives them their name. The Band currently rehearses at Hilltops Sports and Social Club in Blackrod, and they have been excellent hosts over these past years. Whilst the rehearsal room there is ideal in size and acoustic, the lack of storage and constant moving of equipment in and out as a result of the Club's other commitments has compromised the Band's activities. The Club have worked very hard to enable the Band to overcome those issues and the Band appreciates very much the efforts made.

    More details can be found at www.leylandband.co.uk
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    Aye - it was removed as it didn't contain any news really - all it contained was a link to an external site - no story or details whatsoever, and it was also posted in the Rehearsal Room which isn't the place for band news. I've now moved this new thread into the User News section.

    Congratulations on the new band room. :tup
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