Leyland set for September reunion

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    To celebrate the band's successful return to it's home town of Leyland, a grand reunion of players and associates past and present will take place in September.

    The event will be hosted by the band's Musical Director Emeritus, Richard Evans who says - "Leyland Band has always had a great spirit and we want to celebrate our home coming with all our players and friends, past and present. I'm looking forward to meeting up with some old (and not so old!) faces for an evening of fun and the odd nostalgic trip down memory lane!"

    The reunion event will follow the band's Matinee concert in Chorley Town Hall on Sunday 16th September which starts at 2.00pm. We expect many of the band's ex members and partners will want to join us in the afternoon to enjoy the latest incumbants first class efforts in a spectacular program of music, and stay on for some fun and the odd repetition of stories long told. Richard says - "I look forward to meeting up with as many of our friends as possible throughout the day".

    Following the reunion, the band will announce details of the new "ex players association" aimed at maintaining the camaraderie we feel, and provide a channel to get involved and support the band.

    Request for tickets should be made as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as the hall is limited to 250 people. If you are in touch with any who have not yet heard about this event, please let them know. We really do want to see as many as possible and make a truly memorable evening.

    For more information and to book your tickets, please contact either:

    Eunice Smith 01772 431995 or 07961 525106 - eunicebandfriends@hotmail.com

    Andrew Blackledge 01772 613238 or 07720 435387 - andrew.blackledge@jacobs.com

    Or visit: http://www.leylandband.co.uk/uploads/files/reunion_form16092012.pdf

    Facebook event page: