Leyland re-launched on the Web!

Discussion in 'Computer Corner' started by bassinthebathroom, Jul 30, 2010.

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    With the significant help of the University of Central Lancashire, Leyland's website has been completely remodelled, and was launched last month. The team at the univeristy's 'Design Lab' have updated all aspects of the site to present a fresh and more flexible interface.

    Some pages remain in development and the population of the site will be completed over the summer. This is one of the first fruits of Leyland Band's new and exciting partnership with UCLAN, and the band is truly delighted at the results.

    Thanks to Mike and Fred (Design Lab) for their work, and to UCLAN for its support
    Leyland Band Website

    In addition, the Leyland Band fan page on Facebook continues to grow at a pace, having reached 600 fans this afternoon. With an ever expanding collection of photos, articles, videos and audio clips, why not see what it's all about? To become a follower of the band, click here.
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