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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by Brassbones, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. Brassbones

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    All England Masters Champs, Leyland Band, require a first class Tutti Cornet player.

    Please apply in confidence to the webmaster on: webmaster@leylandband.co.uk or ring Brian Heyes on 0771 044 7195
  2. no replies?!

    hey m8, i tell u im surprized that no1s replied 2 this vacancy i mean leyland band aint half bad, solid champ section band rnt ya?, o well good luck with filling the vacancy and good luck in this yrs areas, might come and listen 2 ya, im in hebden bridge band and we r looking 2 win the yorkshire 2nd section this yr, come and listen 2 us if ya wanna here a top quality performance of kaleiderscope(hopefully and can't remember the spellin of it, not many do apparently, lol)
  3. Brassbones

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    Thanks mate. Good luck in Yorks Area. Coming to something when a top 10 band cant get as much as an expression of interest isnt it?

    The ad is on 4br and is receiving quite a bit of interest!!! So much for free forums eh!? :?
  4. HBB

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    Re: no replies?!

    Kaleidoscope! :p
  5. TheMusicMan

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    That's easily sorted... pay us next time yeah!!! :) :wink: Good luck with filling the vacancy. I'd apply if I could ge there :)

    ... by the way... and free these forums will remain for ALL sections of the banding community...
  6. iggmeister

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    Where's my raised handbag emoticon? :lol:

  7. i dont like it that much so i dont really care how its spelt, var.1 and ending r the best bits of it, :D