Leyland Band, National Champions, BBC Listen to the Band, Friday 27th January 2006

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    2005 National Champions of Great Britain
    'Listen to the Band', BBC Radio 2 (88-91 FM)
    Friday 27th January 2006, 9:30pm

    A broadcast from the National Champions which includes;
    "The Melody Shop" Karl L. King
    "A Mini Fantasia on a London Theme" Robert Collinson
    "Serenade" (from the Ballet "Les Millions d'Arelquins") R. Drigo - Baritone soloist - Jeff Lewis
    "Abide with Me" arr. Goff Richards
    "It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow" arr. Howard Snell - feat. Andy Lord (cornet) and Bill Millar (euphonium)
    "Hymns of Praise" arr. Goff Richards
    "Chicago" arr. Barry Forgie
    "The Sand Volcano" (from "The Mummy") Jerry Goldsmith arr. Goff Richards

    Live this Friday, 27th January, on 88-91 FM, and for seven days afterwards at www.bbc.co.uk/radio.
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