Leyland Band, HANLEY, Victoria Hall... 25/04/04

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  1. Naomi McFadyen

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    The Leyland Band, conductor Garry Cutt; at HANLEY, Victoria Hall...
    7.30pm start

    Joint concert with!!.................

    A choir!!!

    Programme as follows:

    Intro to Act III Lohengrin

    < Choir Stuff >

    Let's Face the Music and Dance
    Italian Girl in Algiers
    Concierto D'Arunjuez... Flugel Solo
    Freikulgen Polka
    Pineapple Poll

    < Choir Stuff >

    Morte Criste... (Massed Item)

    < INTERVAL >


    < Choir Stuff >

    Wellington March
    La Belle American
    For the Love of a Princess

    < Choir Stuff >

    Jerusalem... (Massed Item)
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    The Vicky Hall looks amazing now.
    They've done it up since I used to play there and the facilities are supposed to be excellent.