Lets make a European superleague

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by johnmartin, Nov 22, 2006.

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    Why don't we all put forward our best plans for a European superleague. I would have two separate leagues of 32 teams each playing 30 games a season. Then like the NFL in America the top 4 from each league would go into an end of season playoff tournament to determine the overall European Champions. So which teams, well I would have a limit of four clubs from any one country. My picks then

    Scotland - Celtic, Rangers
    England - Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool
    France - Lyon, Lille, Monaco
    Italy - AC, Inter, Juve, Roma
    Germany - Bayern, Stuttgart, Dortmund
    Spain - Real Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia
    Holland - Ajax, PSV
    Portugal - Benfica, Sporting Lisbon, Porto

    The remaining eight teams to be decided by pre-qualifying amongst national Champions

    Relegation back to national leagues
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    Based on current performance you couldn't have Juventus in. Or Monaco, they're bottom of the french league.