Lets get more brass band music on Classic Fm

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Sovhorn, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. Sovhorn

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    Every year Classic FM has a vote for the top classical music. Every year it is the usual suspects and no brass band music. Now considering how many people play in brass bands we ought to be able to get a least one piece on the list. I wish to encourage everyone needs to go to http://www.classicfmhalloffame.co.uk/home?lid=6440&mid=0 and enter the following 3 pieces
    1) Philip Wilby: Paganini Variations
    3) Philip Sparke Between the Moon and Mexico
    These may not be everyone’s favorites but the idea here is to get more brass band music played on classic FM so we need everyone to vote for the same pieces-then wait for Easter-There is a Facebook group join too
  2. Mesmerist

    Mesmerist Well-Known Member

    good idea. I`ve tried unsuccessfully to get requests on there...
    Its usually Bruch or Rachmaninov that wins though last year was "lark ascending" which classic fm promoted heavily before the voting started.

    (Sorry if it offends anyone but I wish someone would shoot that bird after about 2 dreary minutes!)
  3. Mesmerist

    Mesmerist Well-Known Member

    ps just voted as you suggested
  4. WhatSharp?

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    Cant find the pieces...
  5. Matt Lawson

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    Me neither. Tried searching but nothing there.
  6. andyh

    andyh Supporting Member

    Click on the '+' signs and enter the pieces manually.....

    I did :)

  7. a very flat b

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    Voting closes midnight 27th Jan. so lets get voting....
  8. agentorange

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    Just done my bit!
  9. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    Me too!

    Although maybe we could have gone for more "Classic FM" friendly pieces; an obvious candidate to me would be something like Where Eagles Sing which has the advantages from Classic FM's point of view of being a) short, b) harmonically accessible and c) in a kind of "cinematic" style that most Classic FM listeners will understand and hopefully enjoy.

    There's nothing wrong with the pieces we've voted for, but they're a bit long for CFM's playlist; unless it's the evening concert they tend to like to use single movements rather than whole pieces.
  10. Forest Gump

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  11. KMJ Recordings

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    Er.....you do all realise that if they catch wind of either this or the Facebook group it will be seen as vote rigging and all votes will be automatically discounted?

    (I also happen to know that at least one engineer who works freelance for them breezes through here....)

    I applaud the idea, although not necessarily the means. Brass Bands fall well outside their demographic as I've said before...it would be nice to think it could be changed.

    Andy makes some good points here. I'd also like to ask - seeing as in 'our' perception there are so many of 'us' - why 'we' don't make an impact without trying things like this? Do 'we' just not vote? Do the majority of 'us' not listen to the station, such that 'we' lie outside the core audience? Are 'we' just so few in number that relative to the station's core audience our votes just get swamped into statistical insignificance (thereby exemplifying our niche market that maybe 'we' don't want to admit really is relatively small?).
  12. Sovhorn

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    If the Kiwi's can get Jedi recognized a a religion by the NZ goverment without them complaining that it was rigged then I trust classic FM won't use that as an excuse! Pieces could have been shorter I guess something for next year!
    For those that have not voted yet Voting closes at midnight on Sunday 27 January.TOMORROW!
  13. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    What exactly are you trying to achieve here?

    Even if - and it's a fairly big if - they get anywhere near the chart, you may find they play them once or twice and then they'll get swallowed up.

    As I said previously, brass bands fall outside their demographic - by a very long way as established by their market research (if memory serves out of every category listed, brass bands came next to last in terms of what people wanted to hear, and the acceptability was for "one off novelty items" or words to that effect - hence the Padstow Lifeboat reference before). It's a commercial radio station - they'll play what their core audience want to listen to, as they're there to make money not make people happy.

    The only stations that have to devote airtime to minority interests are those that are public funded - i.e. the BBC....and even that's getting less and less.
  14. emziesonic

    emziesonic Member

    done it!!!
  15. Sovhorn

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    Why the negative waves? The point is to get the music played if we can and for all the reason you point out. This is a way that we can show that brass band music is not any less valuable than any other form of "classical" music to a wider public. Isn't it better to have made it happen once than never? (you could also read Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem In Memoriam:27, 1850)
    The half empty glass people can spend their time telling everyone else how pointless the exercise is. The rest of us with half full glasses and above can get voting!
  16. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    Interestingly, the reason I do what I do is to bring Brass Bands of all levels to a wider audience - and in that circumstance I'm one of the least pessimistic individuals involved in this kind of thing you'll ever find.

    However, I've also been privy to the broad brush data - and the warning about the discounted votes came from someone who's been involved with the station since its inception.

    I'd very much like to hear Brass Bands on the station, but with the way that it's programmed currently it isn't going to happen. That's not pessimism, it's realism.
  17. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't be surprised if CFM find a reason to discount the votes, because frankly I can't imagine them wanting to play Paganini Variations as part of their "Hall of Fame". As I said before, something a bit shorter and NOT a test-piece might have had more joy.

    Keith's right (and by the way, he's also committed to getting bands to a wider audience and in a position to do something about it), brass bands are way off CFM's demographic radar.

    I absolutely applaud and agree with the intention of what this thread's trying to do. But the way to get brass bands on the radio is to get involved in surveys, send CDs, email the station and ring up requesting band music on a regular basis. CFM, like any other commercial radio station, exists to make money. If they get the idea that there may be a reasonable audience for brass band music (and that's by no means guaranteed - how many of us never go and listen to other bands?) on a regular basis, they might act on it.
  18. $hytalk

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    Come on Mods this is unethical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    Er, why, John? Nobody's suggesting that votes should be submitted fraudulently, or that one member should make multiple votes.

    Sneaky, certainly. Unethical - no.

    Now, record companies or artists agents placing advertising with radio stations who may occasionally favour particular artists on their playlist in return for said advertising - were such a thing to happen at a hypothetical national radio station, that would be unethical.;)
  20. dyl

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