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    Following bribery by a colleague (in the form of copious volumes of beer!) I've somehow got roped into the staff band that entertain the kids (baying mob) on the last day of term. They're under the misconception that I'm some ace trumpet player and want to do Robbie Williams' 'Let Me Entertain You'. Apparantly, there's some trumpet solo at the end.

    Question: Is there a published trumpet part anywhere that anyone knows of that I can learn?

    I hope it's not a case of improvising - I'm as good at improvising as a chiken is at roller-skating - or listening to the track and picking it up from there (ears about as good as a geriatric adjudicator - don't worry I have a good solicitor!).
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    I thought Tim Paton posted that he had arranged & published the number, but I cannot find it to buy. No idea whether the solo was included.
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    Cameron mabon has an arrangement on the easy brass series, the solo is on the sop part. Good luck however you do it though, maybe better off doing coronation street I'd something!
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    I've checked out the solo ... how's yer high Gs? (transposing pitch of course!)
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    Here's something you might or might not know ... the trumpet soloist is Derek Watkins.
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    I've found my copy of Life Thru' A Lens (the album sheetmusic) and a simplified version of the solo is included an octave lower for piano.
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    Erm, the part goes up to a high Bb (the notably spliced part of the solo in the recording). I wouldn't even dare score that in for a sop.
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    Thanks folks,

    Thinking about the tone-deafness of the majority of teenagers - an octave lower and a simplified version would be quite adequate I think! I could probably get away with more or less anything anyway.
  9. Bryan_sop

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    My function band do this number and the crowd usually go mad when I do the Trumpet solo. I pretty much stick to what's on the album, cos that's what they're expecting to hear, although when it gets to the super Bb's I usually just improvise because it's right at the end of the 2nd set and my lip's had it after all those top Gs!
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    I hope you played it in character with lip trills and valve glissandi? :rolleyes:
  11. GJG

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    Actally, I did once ... In fairness I was writing for a specific player I knew well, and he played it quite happily. The arrangement was never published (goes without saying) ...