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  1. Just Crazy

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    Its now the time where I have decided to look into having lessons, as it was ever an option for me before and I feel to keep up with the level in the band I need to start.

    Where do you go to find out who and where gives lessons?

    I have looked in the local paper and if you want guitar or clarinet lessons your fine.

    Any advise would be grateful.
  2. basebonetone

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    I suggest that you either contact your local music service, music college/university to find out who teaches there - if there is no-one suitable they may be able to direct you. Also a definite plan is to contact some of the band sec's from 'good quality' championship bands to ask if there are any possibilities there for tuition as the conductors and/or players often give lessons. I teach but am based over in saddleworth so probably a bit too far distance - wise. Good luck.
  3. Vegasbound

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    Bassbone tone has given you the way to proceed....have you asked advice from your own MD, He/she may have contacts who can help.

    I woud suggest you go to the best teacher you can, it needn't be a tenor horn player and you have a lot of music colleges in the north west.

    As for distance if you need to travel 100 mile round trip to study with that person then it's down to you. I know of a Trumpet Pro who is very busy in the west end/tv work and he travels to the USA several times a year for lessons from Bobby Shew!!
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    I located my trombone teacher from the cards on 4barsrest. You may have similar luck

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    I'd also advise getting the best teacher you can. Unlike others I would recommend that you get a specialist on your instrument - a monthly lesson from a good teacher who knows your instrument will be more valuable than weekly lessons from someone who plays a something different . . . .

    I suspect the teachers on the forum will all have tales of students they have taken on who have previously been taught by players of other instruments. Occasionally they will come without any major problems but this is the exception rather than the norm.
  6. Vegasbound

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    I would like a follow up from the original poster as to why she feels that now is the time for lessons, is it a specific problem or to raise her overall standard.