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    Remote Learning​
    Grant Golding has being teaching trumpet and brass instruments for 12 years and over the last 7 years around a quarter of his weekly pupils have been getting tuition by video conferencing.
    Grant Golding is a Masters Graduate in Trumpet Performance from the RSAMD and has worked with the BBCSSO, RSNO and Scottish Opera. As a Trumpet soloist Grant has appeared around the globe with orchestras and ensembles including memorable trips to USA and appearing as a guest of the Sultan of Oman.The majority of Grants playing is as part of the critically acclaimed duo “The Trumpet Shall Sound” performing recitals for trumpet and organ. In 2009 they released their first CD which was soon followed by a charity album in 2010.“An outstanding artist!” - International Trumpet Guild
    As an instrumental instructor Grant teaches around 200 pupils a week for Dumfries & Galloway Council, North Lanarkshire Council and Falkirk Council.Grants pioneering remote learning work has seen him taking part in presentations to education conferences in Malaysia, Australia, USA, UK, China, Finland and Canada. Over the last 7 years nearly 250 pupils have benefited from online remote tuition and Grants organised and structured approach have assured that these pupils have gone one to achieve a high standard of performance.
    Grants education work and performances have seen him become a Endorsed Artist for Jupiter.
    If your interested in lessons Grant has spaces available for tuition – here are some commonly asked questions....
    How much does it cost to take brass lessons?The actual lesson cost is £12 for 30 minutes or £20 for an hour session.The lessons are ran via SKYPE which is free, all you need is a webcam and a microphone.Grant can advise on buying an instrument but typically a new trumpet for £145 + and a Trombone for £195. There are a number of excellent quality instruments on the 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] hand market and these can be bought at a fantastic price.
    Do I need lots of music books?Nope – for a beginning student all of Grants work is web based and for more advanced students appropriate music is provided for SQA exams.Grant does recommend the use of Smart Music software for all students.
    How will I know I'm getting better?Grant created www.brassblast.co.uk to give a good solid start to lessons and ensure all pupils progress at a good rate and this has a 3 level certificate system. For more advanced pupils Grant regularly presents pupils for ABRSM music exams and more recently Trinity Music Certificates.Lessons are delivered term time and a report is issued at the end of each session.
    I've been playing for a few years and struggling with playing issues will remote lessons work for me?Grant has given lots of master-class style lessons and follow ups with students around the globe of all ages and standards. He not only draws upon his teaching experience but also his own personal playing problems that resulted from facial nerve damage after an accident, 3 months after a major head injury Grant performed Bach's Christmas Oratorio.
    To enquire about lessons or master-classes please email grantgolding@hotmail.com