Les Neish to adjudicate

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    Delighted to be able to tell you that the first of the 2 adjudicators for Foden's Solo, Duet and Quartet competition in November will be former Foden's bandsman, and virtuoso Tuba player, Les Neish. The band are delighted that Les is able to adjudicate this year - Les has a busy calendar and, if it weren't for his jetsetting around the world, would have loved to have been at Foden's first comp last year.

    There's time to get your entries in - the closing date is 20th October - but don't leave it too long! There are more classes and trophies this year, and the newly formed Foden's Youth Band will also be giving their first concert after the competition.

    You can get an entry form by emailing me at: fiona-rolfe@hotmail.co.uk