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  1. Caprice

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    Can any band who is playing in RAH give me an idea of the length of the test piece? I know there are 20 bands in the line up then Dyke are giving a concert before the results but someone in the |RAH booking office has said it is due to end at approx 4.30 - unless it is a very short piece - surely that is way off!. I need to book my return train back up to Yorks and I don't want to miss anything! Thanks
  2. MRSH

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    It's about 13½ minutes. So the contest will probably last between 5 to 5½ hours - depending on the percussion set up time and whether the adjudicators have a break midway through. Finishing at 4.30pm may be pushing it a little though !!!!!
  3. Caprice

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    Thanks very much - thats really helped me plan the day!
  4. Owen S

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    I've just looked at the Albert Hall website. Currently it states the expected finish time as 5-30pm.