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    The Leicestershire Brass Band Association are once again opening the doors to all bandsmen and women for their own version of a Spring Festival. The LBBA are inviting players from any band, not just member bands, to enter its annual Open Solo, Duet and Quartet contest to be held on Sunday 6th April 2008 at Groby Community College, Leicester, commencing at 10am.

    Competitors will be grouped by age performing across 10 different sections, including Air Varies, Duets, Quartets and one for percussion!

    The closing date for entries is Saturday 15th March.

    For further details, a poster, schedule and entry from please log on to www.lbba.org.uk
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    LBBA Solo Contest Results

    Here are the results of the of the Solo, Duet and Quartet contest held at Groby Community College on Sunday 6th April.

    A high level of entries for this contest saw performances across eleven sections in front of adjudicators Ian Bartram, Graham Sutton and Mark Smith. It was encouraging once again to see a high number of entries in the 10 years and under category, with the youngest performer aged only six years old on the day of the contest. Congratulations to all the prize winners!

    The winners in each section were as follows:

    Section A: Junior Slow Melody ( Ages 10 and under )

    1st Joanne Adams – Rushden Town
    2nd Alice Watson – Harborough Training
    3rd James Raine – Leicestershire Co-op

    Section B: Junior Slow Melody ( Ages 11-14 )

    1st Emily Watson – Harborough Training
    2nd Devon Harris – Ratby Juniors
    3rd Charlotte Leivesley – Shirland MW

    Section C: Junior Slow Melody ( Ages 15-18 )

    1st Emma Walton – Shirland MW
    2nd Sarah Lenton - Virtuosi GUS
    3rd Amy Quinn – Shirland MW

    Section D: Open Slow Melody

    1st Emma Walton – Shirland MW
    2nd Adam Jones – Harborough
    3rd Chris Lock – Derwent

    Section E: Junior Air Varie ( Air and Variations )

    1st Emma Walton – Shirland MW
    2nd Sarah Lenton - Virtuosi GUS
    3rd Adam Jones – Harborough

    Section F: Open Air Varie

    1st Stephen Lomas – Newstead Brass
    2nd Sarah Lenton – Virtuosi GUS
    3rd Adam Jones – Harborough

    Section G: Open Duets

    1st R Capstack & N Lear – Leicestershire Co-op
    2nd G. Jacklin & S. Barham – Leicestershire Co-op
    3rd S Lenton (GUS) & Emma Walton (Shirland MW)

    Section H: Junior Hymn Tune Quartets

    1st Shirland MW ‘C’
    2nd Melton Town ‘3’
    3rd Shirland MW ‘H’

    Section I: Junior Quartets

    1st Shirland Miners Welfare
    2nd Shirland Girls
    3rd Shirland Euphoniums & Trombones

    Section J: Open Quartets

    1st City of Coventry Trombones
    2nd Leicestershire Co-operative
    3rd Newhall

    Section K: Open Percussion

    1st Ellie Wingett – Ratby Cooperative
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    solo contest

    I would just like to comment on the day, as one of the adjudicators.
    As always, the organisation by the Leicester Association, was first class. The Groby College accommodates this event well, and the facilities are adequate ( though soap in the toilets would be nice! ).
    I was fortunate to adjudicate a junior slow melody section of 30 players, plus the open duets and quartets.
    The juniors, as always, played their hearts out, choosing a mixture of challenging music and instrumentation, reflecting the high standard of tuition available to youngsters these days.
    The three placed players were confident and played dynamically and within the tempos suggested on the music. Well done to all.
    The senior sections reflected a slightly less prepared range of responses. Some rushed, overblown and just disappointing reading was evident, with music being secondary to getting through the piece!
    However, the places for prizes were deserved and I hope that my comments were encouraging, as well as a little critical in places, ( positive,I add ).
    Despite the difficult journey, on a very snowy morning, it was an enjoyable day for all.
    Thankyou to the Leicestershire Committee for inviting me.
    Mark Smith. ( Walsall ).
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    In fairly recent years, this 'open' event attracted massive interest in the open sections, and thus kept the standard high.
    I would be interested, on a personal basis, in suggestions as to how this style of 'all comers' event, could be made more attractive to the wider adult brass band population.
    All suggestions welcome. Mark.
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    Any suggestions guys, or are we just too busy to compete?:confused:
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    I for one, hadn't heard at all that there was gonna be a solo competition at all....maybe I just missed all the advertising? Or maybe it needs to be advertised more - maybe send out invites to bands individually? (certainly to local Regional Area bands I would suggest - maybe this happens already though, and our secretaries aren't informing us lol!)

    As for incentives...I would suggest that maybe the soloist's bands receive an award, or some sort of prize as well as the actual soloist (so that they are competing not just for themselves, but for the band too).....

    I would also try to move away from the traditional Air and Varie/Slow melody style of contest, as there is so much good new music available nowadays for every instrument in a brass band - including percussion (are percussionists invited to enter?)....and just maybe let the contest be an 'own choice' style?

    Just my opinion, but I was trying to think of things that would attract me to a solo or quartet contest....
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    well i play for a leicestershire brass band we hadn't heard anything about it. i'm sure if we had then we may have had some players wishing to compete. But i think senior band players can also be fairly busy.

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