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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by midnight_euph, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. midnight_euph

    midnight_euph Member

    Hi from frozen N.W.Leics.
    Fran from Ratby Band here. A very happy 31 years on the euph .. and it's all Ted Bradley's, Sid Bland and Arthur Marshall's fault (LESPB).

    Ho hum.. at least I'm not on the bass yet (ducks and runs!):biggrin:
  2. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    Hi midnight_euph, and a big :hi to tMP. Thanks for joining us.

    31 years eh, that's a long time... bet you have a few stories to tell eh!
  3. Sopha

    Sopha Active Member

    Hi :hi To Tmp .. You Must Be Very Dedicated To Music Good On Yah! :tup
    Hope Yah Have Fun On Here!
    Happy Tmping :)
  4. EbEwan

    EbEwan Member

    At last...
    ...now there's 2 of us at least!!!
    (thoghu I suppose it could mean getting abused on here as well as down the pub now!)
  5. midnight_euph

    midnight_euph Member

    But Ewan!! You LOVE being abused!! It's a byproduct of playing the Eb (isn't it??) :rolleyes:
    See you later... pint after the Post Mortem?
  6. midnight_euph

    midnight_euph Member

    Actually, I think it's the fact that the medication isn't working!! LOL :biggrin: Thanks for the welcome though.
  7. midnight_euph

    midnight_euph Member

    31 years of knowing when to keep my eyes and mouth FIRMLY shut.... (usually just after the results when emotions and rivalries are running high. As Ted always said.. 'Be nice on your way up the ladder because you don't know who'se feet you might have to kiss on the way back down!"

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