Leicester (Loughborough) contest : Sunday 27th November 2011

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Keith Stanley James Lever, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Keith Stanley James Lever

    Keith Stanley James Lever Supporting Member

    I have not seen a list of the bands that are attending this years Leicester Contest this coming Sunday ~ Could some kind soul put up a list of the bands that will be there.

  2. stevetrom

    stevetrom Well-Known Member

    maybe the lack of a list of bands explains the lack of any Paddy Flower odds?
  3. LynneW

    LynneW Member

    These are the Unregistered, first and fourth sections. From information I've received the open section (13 bands) follows the first section at approx 3.30pm. The third section (11 bands) starts 2.15pm, second section (7 bands) starts 6pm.

    Unregistered section (9am start)

    Enderby Youth Bollington
    Ratby Co-op Youth Brackley
    Wigston Enterprise Enderby

    FIRST SECTION – 10 a.m. start
    Shepherd Group
    Soham Comrades
    FOURTH SECTION (Following the unregistered)
    Burbage Silver
    Market Rasen
    Ratby Mid
    Rushden Town
  4. mr b

    mr b Member

    FIRST SECTION – 10 a.m. start
    Shepherd Group
    Soham Comrades

    Ahem.........................I hope Enderby are still going as nothing was mentioned at practice last night :rolleyes:
  5. Nice Horn!

    Nice Horn! Member

    Think Bollington, Brackley and Enderby have been missed off the first section list and seem to have migrated themselves in to the unregistered section. :-?
  6. LynneW

    LynneW Member

    Sorry my mistake. I was copying and pasting from the info I'd got and obviously didn't check it properly, as well as our internet playing up (but that's another story).
    The timings for all sections are on their website but no bands listed. www.lbba.org.uk
  7. euphalogy

    euphalogy Member

    Sign of the times!! I would have thought organisers would want to promote their competition by giving notice of Bands attending in good time. You never know, it could attract and tempt people into attending. AND it may even produce an even bigger audience IF it gave the own choice pieces in advance, so the punters could make a choice of how and if to spend a well earned fiver. Let the demise debate rumble on and on, and little wonder.
  8. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    This year the contest has over 60 entries and needs two halls to accommodate everyone on the same day - that's not exactly symptomatic of an event in demise, or one that needs to work hard to attract more bands. Yes, it would have been nice to see a full list of competing bands ahead of the day, but its not the end of the world and they're not the only contest that doesn't publish a line-up. I think Lesley and her team are actually doing a very good job!

    fwiw, I think the open section line-up is going to include most of this lot (13 bands in total):
    Aveley & Newham
    Barton Town
    Cambridge Co-op
    Friary Guildford
    Kidlington Concert?
    Ratby Co-op
    Silk Brass?
    Soham Comrades?
    Sovereign Brass?
    Wantage Silver
  9. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    You can take that question mark away from us - we're entering both 1st and open. Interesting to see Aveley there.
  10. Bass Trumpet

    Bass Trumpet Active Member

    Yes, Kidlington will be there. Competing in the 1st section and also defending the Open title we won last year! Looking forward to a good contest and catching up with some old friends. Best of luck to everyone taking part! :
  11. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    Hello Duncan!
  12. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    2ND SECTION BANDS - 7 bands in total

    I know Emley are there
  13. bassendworld

    bassendworld Member

    Denham Hendon are there in Section 2

    Good luck to everyone competing should be a good day
  14. Bass Trumpet

    Bass Trumpet Active Member

    Interesting indeed. Can anybody on here confirm A&N's attendance? Hope to see them do well. They are arguably one of the 'big three' L&SC bands but had a poor result at Stevenage. Good luck to them!

    There's a ? over Soham's entry. Any confirmation there?

    ps. Hello Dave! See you later.
  15. EbEwan

    EbEwan Member

    A&N were definitely in the program I saw on Wednesday night, Soham were too if I remember correctly.
  16. umchacha56k

    umchacha56k Member

    yes Enderby are definitely there, i know sovereign will be there as well!
  17. stevetrom

    stevetrom Well-Known Member

    Yes Soham are definitely going - well according to my brother anyway

    Hi Dave & Duncan

    p.s. just had me contest haircut (well more of a shearing than a haircut)
  18. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    Yep, A&N are definitely there.
    The whole list is just guess work from email trails and what we've heard from other bands, but I've ended up with a list of 14 and apparently there's 13 in the section..... the question marks were the ones I wasn't 100% sure of.

    Really looking forward to it now, its at least 5 years since we did this contest and its grown a lot since then.
    Hopefully see some of you in the bar!
  19. davidsait

    davidsait Member

    Not sure about 'Cambridge Co-op', but 'City of Cambridge' will be there in the Open section.
  20. Bass Trumpet

    Bass Trumpet Active Member

    They only stopped being Cambridge Co-op about 20 years ago. Easy mistake :)