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    Leicester Contest Reminder

    There are just over two weeks left to enter the next Leicestershire Association Open Band Contest which is to be held on Sunday 16th November 2008. The organisers would like to remind all bands that there is still an opportunity to get those entry forms in. Due to its ever increasing popularity, the contest is being moved to a new venue at Burleigh Community College and Garendon High School in Loughborough. Adjudicators this year will be John Roberts and Roy Sparks.

    The closing date for entries to the Open Band Contest is Saturday 20th September. Further details and entry forms are available on www.lbba.org.uk or for any enquiries contact Association Secretary Lesley Bentley on 01509 672029.

    Calling all soloists…

    For those Leicester Association members interested in the Junior and Senior Solo, Duet and Quartet contest the closing date for this event is also upon us. Saturday 13th September is the last date entries can be accepted for the solo contest which will be held once again in Groby College on Sunday 5th October. Further information, entry forms and details of how your band can join the association are also available on www.lbba.org.uk
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    Seems like it will be a good day as I believe there are 54 bands going.
    We are having a go in 2nd and 3rd sections this year so have two pieces to work on and the MD is playing in the Open section so we probably won`t spend as much time in the pub as we did last year having had the number 1 spot as usual.
    How are you all enjoying those extra rehearsals then?
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    Any results from this contest yet? It was another good day, would be nice to see who won.
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    LBBA Solo Contest Results

    It was another successful year for 15 year old Daniel Walton from the Shirland Band who retained the title of overall Junior champion at the LBBA members solo contest on Sunday 5th October. Cornet soloist Dan took home first prizes in sections for Slow Melody, Air Varie and Sight reading. It was another successful year all-round for young members of the Shirland band who took home a number of prizes.

    Picking up another title was Bass Trombonist Stephen Lomas from Newstead Brass who added another Open Air Varie prize to his shelf following on from success earlier in the year at the LBBA Spring Festival and the New Zealand Championships.

    Adjudicators Garry Sleath, Lee Blankley and Mark Smith reported that they were impressed by performances across the 15 sections, honouring the youngest section in particular. One young group ecstatic at their result were the 18 and under “Teens” Quartet from Rushden Town pictured below.

    Success in the senior quartets went to a group from Leicester co-op, however the Newhall ladies weren’t going to let the gents take the limelight for long taking top honours in the Open Duet and further prizes in the Quartets also.

    With over 90 youngsters taking part in the association members’ contest, not to mention the increasing numbers of adults taking to the stage, the association were delighted to see brass bands continue to thrive in and around Leicestershire.

    Congratulations to all the prize winners.

    The winners in each section were as follows:

    Section A: Junior Slow Melody (Ages 11 and under)

    1st Marina Slee – Leicestershire Co-op
    2nd Henry Bamber – Harborough
    3rd Harriet Coulton – Ratby Juniors

    Section B: Junior Slow Melody (Ages 12 & 13)

    1st Josh Haynes – Harborough
    2nd Hollie Minney - Shirland
    3rd Catherine Ashley - Shirland

    Section C: Junior Slow Melody (Ages 14 & 15)

    1st Dan Walton - Shirland
    2nd Millie Jacklin – Leicestershire Co-op
    3rd Ryan Sharpe – Hathern Youth

    Section D: Junior Slow Melody (Ages 16, 17, & 18)

    1st Emma Walton – Shirland
    2nd Jo Stephenson - Foresters
    3rd Adam Whittle - Shirland

    Sections E/F: Junior Sight Reading

    1st Dan Walton – Shirland (E)
    1st Emma Walton – Shirland (F)

    Section G: Junior Air Varie

    1st Dan Walton - Shirland
    2nd Lewis Squries - Shirland
    3rd Charlotte Lievesley - Shirland

    Section H: Junior Hymn Tune Quartet

    1st Shirland
    2nd Hathern Youth Girls
    3rd Hathern Youth

    Section I: Junior Quartet

    1st Rushden Town ‘Teens’
    2nd Shirland Euphs and Troms
    3rd Shirland Juniors

    Section J: Open Slow Melody

    1st Jo Stephenson - Foresters
    2nd Steve Barham – Leicestershire Co-op
    3rd Emma Walton - Shirland

    Section K: Open Air Varie

    1st Stephen Lomas – Newstead Brass
    2nd Jo Stephenson - Foresters
    3rd Emma Walton - Shirland

    Section L: Open Quartet

    1st Leicestershire Co-op
    2nd Shirland
    3rd Newhall

    Section M: Junior Duets

    1st C Ashley & H Minney – Shirland
    2nd A Whittle & L Squires – Shirland
    3rd D Harris & R Holy – Ratby Juniors

    Section N: Open Duets

    1st P Woodings & R Stonehouse - Newhall
    2nd R Capstack & N Lear – Leicestershire Co-op
    3rd C Smith & J Fern - Newhall

    Section O: Open Percussion

    1st Jake Baum – Hathern
    2nd Ellie Wingett – Ratby Cooperative
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    Leicester ‘Open Contest’ Entries

    The Leicestershire Brass Band Association are pleased to report a healthy number of entries for the forthcoming Leicester Open Brass Band contest, to be held at adjoining schools Garendon High and Burleigh Community College in Loughborough on Sunday 16th November. A total of 54 bands have entered the own choice contest including 12 in the Open Section and 14 in the First. Four unregistered bands from the association will also compete in their own section at the contest performing a short programme.

    Adjudicators this year will be John Roberts (1st and Open), and Roy Sparkes (2nd, 3rd, 4th Sections). A further adjudicator for the unregistered section will be announced shortly.

    Secretary Lesley Bentley commented that she was “delighted with the number of entries this year” and hopes “that the bands like the new venues at Burleigh and Garendon” which have been chosen to accommodate the increasing number of bands participating.

    Further details about the contest can be found on the association website www.lbba.org.uk
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    Well done to lbba for attracting such a quality championship section field. Should be a good day out.
  7. Accidental

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    That's an impressive line up - nice to see the contest getting good numbers again.

    I'm a bit confuzzled by one thing though..... doesn't it seem a bit odd to publish the draw before the day? May as well tell the judges what everyone's playing too! ;)
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    Indeed as its open adjudication where is the problem?
  9. Accidental

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    ok smart*rse... where does it say that?
    all I found was this:


    8. The Contest will be under closed adjudication.

  10. Chunky

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    Ok smug one! I stand corrected. The previous 3 or 4 times I have attended the adjudication has been open! It may have all changed now!
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    The LBBA can confirm that the adjudication is closed for all sections apart from the Unregistered Section. Draw info has been withdrawn from the website in response to your concerns. A series of pre-draws for the sections competing early in the day was introduced following requests from participating bands in previous years. Individual contest secretaries have been sent details of the draw. We are very pleased with the entry this year, the contest keeps going from strength to strength - We hope all bands (and spectators!) enjoy the day.
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    Nice one Kirk, thanks for clarifying that. :clap::tup
  13. Chunky

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    Just a thought are the numbers increasing due to the adjudicating being closed?
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    The bands who are competing at Leicester contest are now announced on the LBBA website (http://www.lbba.org.uk/events.htm)

    I don't understand why some sections are pre-drawn and some aren't - seems a bit odd to me, but t should be a good, and interesting day out.

    Mods - any chance of this making its way onto the predictions thingy? :)

    List is as follows (thanks to LBBA):

    Entries for November Contest 2008

    Hebden Bridge
    Ipswich & Norwich Co-op
    Jaguar Coventry
    Kidlington Concert Brass
    Newstead Brass
    Ratby Co-op
    Thoresby Colliery
    Welwyn Garden City

    Bedworth Brass
    Bollington Brass
    Carlton Brass
    City of Cambridge
    Foresters Brass 2000
    Gresley Colliery
    Hebden Bridge
    Ipswich & Norwich Co-op
    Regent Brass
    St Albans City
    Stannington Brass
    Towcester Studio

    2nd SECTION
    Chinnor Silver
    Daventry Brass
    Holme Silver
    Leicestershire Co-op
    Long Eaton Silver
    Oddfellows Brass
    Verwood Concert Brass

    3rd SECTION
    Dronfield CMW Band
    Melton Band
    Moulton 77
    Rushden Windmill
    Verwood Concert Brass

    4th SECTION
    Burbage Silver
    Corby Silver
    Croft Silver
    Ratby Co-operative Mid Band
    Rolls Royce Derby
    Rushden Town Band
    Whitwell Brass

    Enderby Junior Band
    Hathern Youth
    Ratby Co-op Junior Band
    Yarwell & Nassington Britannia Band
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    Just an update, unfortunately Ipswich will not now be at Leicester. Half of our front row are expecting and their other halves are also in the band. Due dates are too close for comfort so we really had no choice but to withdraw. (Pity they didn't lol!)
  16. Di

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    Aye, why not.

    Done. :biggrin::tup
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    I guess, as with Leamington the week after, its to give bands in the early sections a set arrival time, so avoiding so many really early starts only to draw a late number.
  18. Di B

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    If that is the case why cant they do this with the later bands too?
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    Thanks for the vote of confidence in the predictions!!!! We were SHOCKING last night though... MD was really grumpy with us all. Whoops. Better stop typing and stick the practice mute in. Anyone else do it when watching some tv or reading tmp?
    Thought not. Sorry I`ll go and concentrate then.
    Seriously, although it makes no difference to the results, its a really nice feeling to see your own band rated highly by tmp members so ta very muchly and I hope we live up to your expectations...
    (Long journey home on that coach if we haven`t...ooh I can`t even think about it)
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    Quite obviously a bluff - I'll have to change my predictions straight away.