Leicester Contest 2014 - Timing Issues. . .

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by ploughboy, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. Ianroberts

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    So dont go ! If you think its too late just dont go ! Sounds like a lot of bands want to go though.
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    I never thought of that Ian ;) maybe we'll consider that option too!
  3. tubafran

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    That's a little unfair, based on the published times I'm sure bands drawn later have no problem going, it's the potential that the timings LBBA have given seem optimistic.

    Concerns have been expressed to them and they obviously believe the timings are achievable with the contest finishing by 9.15pm (not too unreasonable).

    Bands have the choice to accept the assurance given and take a risk or decide that it won't happen and withdraw.
  4. Di B

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    I have left the Championship section results at Leicester one year and noted the 2nd Section were still waiting to play.

    I also helped out Matlock a year or two ago and we expected to play around 7pm... think it was running a couple of hours late and they were drawn second to last.
    I remember being too tired to listen to results and thinking there wasn't enough time for the pub!

    PS. This is all from memory so times etc may be off, but I know it was definitely around 10pm and we had been waiting ages to play they were so far behind.

    I'd request an early draw if you have a lot of children in the band.
  5. tubafran

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    It's a pre-draw so bands already know the 'planned' start times but it seems your memory of the event doesn't correlate with your recall.
  6. Di B

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    I was a dep so I wasn't worried about the timings as such but I do know we went on stage well over an hour later than we were scheduled.

    I'll go back to being an ex-bander now and leave the posts to those with good memories.
  7. Have any / How many bands have officially withdrawn from this event?

    All the posts suggest that this contest overruns, big time!!. What is really disappointing is that the organisers are not doing anything to calm the reservations of those who are commenting on the post. I appreciate that the majority of the comments are from the second section, where the problem will be highlighted the most.
  8. James Yelland

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    Perhaps the organisers assume that anyone who has questions about their contest will contact them directly, rather than speculating about the event on a forum which they (the organisers) may or may not monitor. It seems a reasonable assumption.
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  9. This is one time when maybe it is best to be in a lower section band.
    Go, play, get results and be home by tea time ;-)
  10. stevetrom

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    unless that lower section is 2nd, different hall and last section playing so could be a late finish.

    Luckily my band is drawn ......., so i will be in the bar by ......
  11. tubafran

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    I believe concerns have been expressed by a number of bands direct to the organisers - can we not also comment here?
  12. James Yelland

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    Of course you can. But if you want actual answers to your concerns, the organisers are the only ones who can help. And if they aren't reading this thread (which would appear to be the case, judging by their lack of response to it), asking them directly is the quickest, most efficient and politest way to get the answers you want.

    My initial comment was only in response to an implied criticism of the organisers for not addressing the problem here on this thread.
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  13. So anybody know of any bands that have withdrawn? Cos it's probable that band 1 in 3rd section will play earlier than expected if any 4th section bands have withdrawn, and the same in the case of the 1st drawn band in the second section. If 2 bands were to withdraw in the 4th and a further 2 in the 3rd section, then the 1st band in the 2nd section could end up playing a whole hour earlier than they had planned !! and could still be at a rehearsal venue, or on the bus !!
  14. Euphonium Lite

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    Everything including withdrawals are on the LBBA website....
  15. ploughboy

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    I'm sorry, where on the website? I can't see anything that is new.

    We have had several emails back and forth with the organisers. Non of which satisfied our concerns.
    We have withdrawn.
    I'll be following coverage of the say to see just how the bands will get on and off stage, set up percussion and perform inside the 13.5 mins allowed in the 3rd section!
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    Not very up to date if you have withdrawn?:-?
  19. In reference to the pre draw part, so could the adjudicator for the 3rd section, because one band is proudly announcing the 3rd section draw on their website. :-?