Leicester Contest 2014 - Timing Issues. . .

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by ploughboy, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. ploughboy

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    Has anyone else going to this contest had a close look at the timings in the hall that is to hold UnRegistered, 4th, 3rd & 2nd sections in a day?!

    The timing sheet shows the contest starting at 8.45am with 44 bands due to take the stage.
    We are in the 2nd section, and without revealing the pre-draw I can say, we're late on - However, I was concerned by the amount of bands to play before we take the stage - so I did a quick check . .

    I'm working on 20 mins per band - own choice test piece (lengths will vary) Varying percussion requirements added to personal set-up preferences.
    I've left ONLY 20 mins for the adjudicator to come to his conclusions, deliver them, and get the next section underway . . . . And I think that on the day it will look something like this. . . .

    band 39 - 11pm
    band 40 - 11.20
    band 41 - 11.40
    band 42 - Midnight
    band 43 - 12.20
    band 44 - 12.40

    (their timings show the contest finishing with band 44 at about 9pm - quite some difference I think).

    We have raised this thinking with the secretary, and had the response that they run to 7 bands per 2 hours (and that works fine at the Midlands area contest - I'm sure it does!), however in one of the sections on the day, they've only allowed 13.5 mins per band (not the 17.5 mins their own figures demand) They also have listed 'comfort breaks' in each section!!

    So a couple of questions. . .

    Are you going to this contest? do you want to take a look and see what you think?
    is there a 3rd hall, or alternative venue for a section, or two to move to?
    have you been to this contest before? does it have a history of running over?
    Have you any suggestions to help solve this problem?

    The entry fee is £100 (£30 to be returned on attendance) - 75 bands are entered on the weekend, that's big bucks.
  2. Thanks Garry. We will follow this up too as this may well be a cause for concern. Let's hope the organisers have really thought this through as we are on late too.
  3. According to the LBBA website http://www.lbba.org.uk/events.htm (presuming it is up to date), the unregistered section play in a different hall, to the 4th, because both sections are to start at 9 o'clock. Therefore you can take the unregistered bands, however many there may be, out of the equation.
  4. Euphonium Lite

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    We're going in the 4th section, and looking at our info the unregistered section IS in the same hall as 4th etc -
    Unreg (9 bands) - 845 start, finish 1130. 4th sec start 1145, fin 2.00 results 2.15 (this seems a bit short for 10 bands?); 3rd (12 bands) is 2.30 to results at 6; 2nd sec (13 bands) is 6.15 to 9.30
    Going on LBBA estimates of 7 bands per 2 hours (17 mins 10 secs approx) and 30 mins for results and restart the sections should take
    Unreg 2.34
    Break .30
    S4 2.51
    Break .30
    S3 3.26
    Break .30
    S2 3.43
    Results 15 mins

    I make the total time 14 hrs 20 - which means the contest would (by my working out) be just after 11.00.... and thats without any other comfort breaks.....
  5. Euphonium Lite

    Euphonium Lite Active Member

    Incidentally the other hall starts 15 mins later and finishes an hour and a half earlier according to the sheet despite having 13 bands fewer (nearly 4 hours on the 7 per 2 hour rule).......
  6. ploughboy

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    Yup, that's how it reads to me too, if the LBBA have listened to the bands and tried to arrange a better configuration that is great news, however we need to be told of this change of plans :)
  7. tubafran

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    So reading the above and the web site start times of 9am does this now run:

    Hall 1 - 4th section (10 bands), 3rd section (12 bands), 2nd section (13 bands) - total 35
    Hall 2 - unregister ( 9 bands) 1st and Championship (31 bands) - total 40

    If anything based on the above comments the Championship section will be running on later than 2nd Section now.

    Has any one had a response from the LBBA secretary?
  8. Suziebabe

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    This does make it difficult for bands with younger members who are still at school who (if the timings are wrong) could be getting home in the early hours of a Monday morning!

    In fact forget the school kids, what about us oldies :oops:
  9. I agree. We need some official clarification on this sooner rather than later.
  10. Bass Trumpet

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    We've got a couple of University undergraduates, if it goes on too long it eats into their valuable drinking time ;)
  11. stevetrom

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    there is no maximum age for drinking Duncan :)
  12. I sent an email off two days ago - still nothing!!
  13. Phil3822

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    I am going to watch this event. Having looked on the website it appears 2 rooms will be used and will be a very long day. Good luck to all players.
  14. ploughboy

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    We have had a reply from LBBA, the schedule posted to bands is correct, so there are still 4 sections in one hall.

    They are 'aware' it is a lot of bands to process in a day, and they know they'll have to keep things moving along, but are sure the day will run smoothly and things will go to time!

    Needless to say, this is not the answer we were hoping for. I just don't see 'crossing my fingers and hoping it works' as a viable alternative!
  15. As far as we can see (29th September communication) there are 22 bands in 1st Section and 9 in Championship Section in the main hall, the rest are in the second hall, both should finish around 8pm-ish. The contest runs quite slick, it did last year anyway.
  16. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    Hi newstead, our sheet dated the same shows 'our' hall final results at 9.30pm, that doesn't look like 8pm ish to us :(
  17. Sorry, should have been clear, champ and 1st section results are around 8pm. Rest are as you say. I Know it's probably no consolation but the amount of bands shows that the contest is very strong. Been there when we've had to wait until really late also. not much we can do apart from say that we hope you enjoy competing and good luck.
  18. tubafran

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    Has this reverted back to the original set up?

    "Commences: 8:45am (Unregistered) and 9am (First Section)"

    With Unregistered, 4th, 3rd and 2nd in one hall - 1st and Championship on other

    spilt now 44 and 31 between each hall - wasn't this where we were when it was first raised as a concern?
  19. stevetrom

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    based on 7 bands per 2 hours (see earlier posts)

    44 bands
    2x(44/7) = 12.5
    8.45am start + 12.5 hours = 9.15pm finish

    shorter pieces and less percussion, a few breaks for results/change of sections. I reckon 10pm finish at best

    31 bands
    2x(31/7) = 8.9 (call it 9)
    9.00am start + 9 hours = 6.00pm finish

    assuming 1st/championship bands will, in general, play longer pieces and have more percussion to sort out that should be ok, all done before 8pm.
  20. ploughboy

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    Yup, that's about the thinking, however when you add in comfort breaks, and more than 15 mins (x3) for the results etc, it doesn't have to go far astray on the day to be finishing at 10.30/11pm. . .

    We've a 1.5hr trip home, and kids in school the next day & folks going to work - They are not viewing the prospect as one to look forward to!