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  1. Our band recieved our adjudication this week from Lees, and we had gained 196 points, yet came 11th. So we decided to double check incase there had been a mistake, as we thought it was quite a high mark for 11th place. When we checked it out, it turned out that infact 5 bands gained the same mark, 196 points. The officials at the contest decided that they would place the 5 bands in order of who appeared at the contest first. Which to me seems unfair!! We all got the same points, but because we played later in the night, our overall place was 11th, affecting our overall saddleworth result!

    Personally (and I'm speaking on behalf of myself here - not my band!) I think it's out of order and a pretty poor way of handling the situation. Surely it's only fair that the bands recieved joint placings? Maybe I'm being biased... I think not. If a band puts on a performance which deserves a good result, why penalise them for the time of night they played?! :shock: In the end, what has happened is my band have been put off returning to that contest ever again. Not a good result for anyone really! :twisted:
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    leees contest

    have to agree its not the right way todo things it devalues the contest .a re think is needed for next year on this one. as for you not going next year i would say go you are a good band andone which will only get better.
  3. And going back to Lees contest is good for the band how? Why should a band support a contest which hasn't supported them? :? :shock: No thanks. We'd be a better band in the rankings if the contest had been thought through properly!
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    Are the Whits really included in the rankings? The results are so random, even among the top few sometimes, that that would seem a little daft!
  5. Im refering to the overall saddleworth results - 'rankings' is the wrong word... but still :twisted: Im angryyyyyyy :twisted:
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    unfortuantely, this sounds exactly like any other band contest to me. Except in this case the same number of points hasn't meant an equal placing.

    Surely if 5 bands have the same points, then they are supposed to be of the same standard (in their performance)? (edit: and hence should have the same placing)
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    It certainly seems a very odd way to resolve things, particularly when, as you say, it is not just a one-off contest, but one that contributes to an overall competition. Equally, if they are going to decide it on order of play, if we go by past experience and public perception, the later the "draw" number, the higher the positon is likely to be.

    As to whether the band competes there in the future that's something you'll have to look at, but I certainly think an official approach should go to the organisers to register your objection: it's not likely to change this year's outcome, but may stop the same thing happening in future years.
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    That seems really unfair. Why should a band who has the same number of points as another appear so far ahead?

    If it was me I'd object very very strongly. (No wonder the tMP band didn't win there - isn't that the place where we played 47th?).

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    You raise a very interesting point. I am actually going to Lees this week to have discussions with the committee regarding another matter but I will bring your point up and see what they have to say, If indeed anything.
    I will hopefully reply soon.
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    See! tMP works!
  11. Thanking you! Strongly doubt it will make any difference at all... but it would be quite interesting to see how they feel about the fact that they have put a decent band off supporting their contest!!
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    I get the feeling one of those Whit Friday clangers may have been dropped here, inevitable with the number of bands involved really. Probably too late now but I seem to remember Dobcross were promoted from 53rd to 4th after the event at Dobcross Contest last year after an appeal to the adjudicator. Apparently the adjudicator at Lees this year says he didn't tie any bands who had more than 190pts which makes it difficult to explain the following results :-

    Pennine Brass - 196pts - 11th
    Holme Silver - 194pts - 17th

    Those are the only ones I know, any other competing bands willing to post their placing and points total?
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    Please note, that as "little_miss_marcroft" says, these are her personal views. Although disappointed at this apparent method of splitting bands on the same points (not aware it happens at any other of the Whit Friday contests), the Management Team of Pennine Brass have no intention of not returning to the Lees/Springhead contest at a future Whit Friday.
  14. brucejones

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    Official contact has been made with the contest following a discussion with the adjudicator. The matter is being investigated by the contest and the official Scrutineer. It's probably best for everyone to await any official statement.
  15. As I said... I am speaking on behalf of myself, not my band. Any wrong impression I may have given, then I apologise - my band has not said it won't be returning to the contest next year, my general point was that I personally feel this would only put bands off, as it didn't seem fair. Like Bruce says - the band are dealing with this. :D
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    Lees results amended.

    2nd place - Pennine Brass (instead of Staffordshire)
    4th Place - Holme Silver (instead of Wingates)

    Best Solo cornet - Pennine Brass (instead of Staffordshire)

    Best Local - Diggle (instead of Boarshurst)
    Best Band within Borough - Boarshurst
  17. Heather

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    So what's happened to Staffordshire and Wingates???
  18. Not sure whats happened to those 2 bands... but we got confirmation that the results were wrong... we came 2nd and got best principle cornet :D So that means we came 4th overall in Saddleworth!! :bounce YAY!! \:d/
  19. Frontman

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    It is not suprising what happens when points are raised and questions asked.
    Tmp does work.
  20. joff

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    Well done to Pennine! Got there in the end!

    I understand it may be down to one band who were booked in to play but didn't and the results for other bands from that point forward were out by one place in the order of play.

    As for Holme Silver, after our 4th place at Lees, we now average 8.83 for the Saddleworth Contests, a minor miracle that we make it into single figures!

    Only one small mystery remains and that is why we were overlooked for third place in the "Local" Saddleworth Prize. I presume it is because we are deemed to be slightly outside the 8 mile limit from Uppermill. However, a few years ago we did win Best Local at Uppermill for bands within (yes, you guessed it) 8 miles of Uppermill?!

    Still, we'd only have squandered the prize money anyway! (Dobcross Contest suspected as much last year when they failed to give us the Henry Livings prize we were due).

    Ah, the magic of Whit Friday....

    Joff - Holme Band