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  1. AndrewCrampton

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    Does anyone have a copy of lebedevs concerto in one movement in bass clef? Or anything of similar standard for bass trombone.

  2. James Yelland

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    No chance mate. I've had loads of help off fellow bandsmen with copies of music - our library is pretty much full of it, but if there is any mention on here Philip Sparke usually goes fully mental and rides in on the composers moral outrage taxi (closely followed by charging sycophants). I'm sure a fellow Bass Trom player will pm you on the quiet soon enough to avoid any of this fuss.
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    Allow us to beat him to it this time then.

    Incidentally, June Emerson Wind Music is offering the piece at a lower price although we haven't checked post and packing charges; http://www.juneemerson.co.uk/productDetails.aspx?GUID=b0d6a4f2-da7c-44a9-a495-6c27045d295d
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    Firstly, the original poster did not ask for anyone to illegally copy the music in question.

    Secondly, tMP's policy on copying music is well established and publicised: any further such provocative posts may lead to action being taken.

    PB, Mod
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    Think there may be two!
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    The poster was asking for a 'copy' of the music, and I had assumed that having the intelligence to find a brass playing internet forum finding a music retailer online would be well within the op's capabilities. I may of course be wrong, and for some reason the op may be incapable of typing the name of the piece into a search bar, or wrongly assumed this forum was primarily a retail outlet for sheet music? My own attitude with regards to copying solo parts is that it would be good marketing for composers / publishers to freely give them away, as ultimately this will lead to more players trying to play and going on to perform the piece - which would happily end in more sales of band sets and piano accompaniments. I'm sure some of the more enlightened publishers (pennine ?) already offer free solo parts which makes the high handed admonishments of the xerox worldpolice on here from time to time even more laughable. Lastly, nice red font in the last post - it would have even more of a 'shouty' effect if you use CAPITALS and muliple exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!! Sorry if you found my last post 'provocative' I thought I'd turned the webcam off.