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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Ruthless, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. Ruthless

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    Can anyone help?

    I've been asked by a friend for advice on learning to play the guitar. Her son is six and likes country music and wants to start playing.

    Rather than splash out straight away on lessons and the whole hog she wants to get a tutor book that they can use together to see whether he realy does want to do this longer term.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on a good learners book which covers the basics of music as well as guitar playing. All I could think of is the tune a day books but am unsure whether this is still the best place to start (It did me well on trumpet 28 years ago but is it still useful for guitar?)

    Any advice on starting a youngster playing would be apreciated.
  2. six pints

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    I started learning guitar a few weeks ago, as I teach it to my year 8 music classes. I didnt really have a book to start with, I got my friend to teach me a couple of chords, and how to read chord boxes so I could look up chords on the internet. I started with E major, practised playing it, then did playing for four strums, then take hand completely off for four and put it back on (helps practise for changing notes). I then just looked up different chords and songs on the internet and tried playing along.

    My grandad has just given me a guitar book for beginners (aimed at "folk" musicians) called "Hold down a chord" by john pearse.

    Hope that helps, like i say i've only been playing a few weeks, and i just tend to jam along to songs I download! Wild thing and horse with no name being the two rime examples!
  3. HaleStorm

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    Burt Whedon's - Learn To Play In A Day is a good book to learn from

    From Here

    I used it, its a great book, it does take a little longer than a day tho hehe
  4. Cornet Nev.

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    I did try quite a few books, and even took the odd lesson, but still finished up only knowing a few major chords along with their minor or sevenths. It was enough to get by, and even write a few songs. But to a beginner there are the tune a day style still available, and not a bad idea to try that before investing in tuition.

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