Learning Percussion - where do you start?

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    Calling all you percussionists!....

    My daughter ( 7 ) is absolutley dead set on learning percussion ( not just drums, she wants to do the whole tuned percussion as well! ) despite my "encouragement" in other directions ( Brass :D ). However whilst there seem to be hundreds of "drum" teachers there seem to be only a small number of actual percussion teachers in our area, and even fewer with the equipment for her to learn on. After this weekend I'll be contacting our local music services to see if they can help so fingers crossed.

    It did get me thinking, it's a huge area to study with different instruments and techniques, and I did wonder where did you all start?
  2. yoda

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    1st thing i would recommend is some piano lessons.

    Basic stick technique can be taught by a drum teacher, and can be practiced at home on a practice pad etc, but the musicianship and skills required to be an accomplished percussionist are many, and IMHO any budding percussionist would benefit from some keyboard skills, and the reading skills studying these kind of instruments brings. Plus, a piano is a percussion instrument ;-)

    also, find a band that is happy for her to join the percussion section. get her started on things like tambourine, triangle, bass drum etc. so she can learn the basic techniques of the so called simpler instruments 1st.

    finally, anyone can bang a drum, but it takes a skilled percussionist to get the correct sound from each instrument

    good luck with it, and i wish your daughter many hours of happy music making, and i wish you the gift of patience :)
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    We had an excellent Saturday morning music school that covered brass, percussion, theory and group playing, so Jonathan did cornet as well as percussion and got a pretty good grounding in all areas.

    Good luck in your search ;)