learning how to write for brass

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    for a couple of years I have had a dream to be able to compose and arrange music for brass ( both brass ensemble and brass band). I consider myself to be to old to go to university, wich of course would have been the best way to learn it otherwise.
    Is there anyone that has any idea of how to best develop this skill? Is there any courses given in this subject? any literature/internet pages that you know of? any person that would be willing to give private lessons per correspendence (I'm living in sweden)? anyone else sharing my situation? Maybe we could co-operate to develop some good solution for this matter.
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    i don't claim to know anything about this but i would probably advise starting with marches ;) the most highly structured of our music
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    this is a great ambition and I wish you loads of luck. A Couple of thought for you.

    Have yourself a band lined up that's willing to let you experiment.

    Start with a hymn arrangement maybe, one verse at a time, intro, outro etc etc.

    Get a feeling for the way the instruments blend together by trying simple things, don' t cram every idea you have into one verse!!

    I'd start with arrangments first as thinking about scoring and sounds is hard enough without trying to write the music too.

    Have a good grounding in theory and basic musical knowledge, range of instruments, how the percussion is played etc etc.

    Be careful if you start with an arrangement - copyright can be a swine!!! But you'll get some good info and advice from tMP anyway!

    Good luck, and if you want any help, don't be afraid to ask, there are some of the best composers/arrangers for brass band kicking round here quite regularly.