LBBA Spring Festival 05/04/09 Results

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    The halls of Groby Community College were once again ringing with the sound of slow melodies, duets, air varies and quartets, as the Leicestershire Brass Band Association’s Spring Solo Contest got underway on Sunday 5th April, performing to the trusted ears of Adjudicators Sharon Stansfield, Keith Leonard and Ian Bartram. An impressive turnout from local bands, as well as those from further afield showed that the tradition of brass banding continues to thrive in the Midlands.

    Junior Slow Melody Champion Catherine Ashley with Adjudicator Sharon Stansfield

    Over 50 competitors under the age of 14 battled it out in the two youngest sections, with increasing entries in the Open sections also. Shirland Band continued its recent successes claiming titles in a Junior Slow Melody and both Junior Quartet sections. There was also a fine array of instruments on display; Soprano Cornets in the Junior Slow Melody and three Bass Trombonists competing in the Open Slow Melody. This year the first prize went to Bass Trombonist Stephen Lomas who was delighted to finally add a slow melody title to his increasing successes in the art of Air and Variations.

    The leading ladies from Amington Band - Open Quartet Champions

    Leading the way in the Open Quartets were the ladies from Amington band, closely followed by a foursome from City of Coventry. A number of special prizes were also awarded in the Open sections including the highest placed Duet under 19 years of age, which went to the brother and sister act of Alcha and Smain Mokrane from Bestwood band.

    Congratulations to all of the winners.

    The prize winners in each section were as follows:

    Section A: Junior Slow Melody (Ages 10 and under)

    1st Josh Watson - Harborough
    2nd Alice Watson - Harborough
    3rd William Davies – n/k

    Section B: Junior Slow Melody (Ages 11-14)

    1st Catherine Ashley – Shirland
    2nd Smain Mokrane - Bestwood
    3rd Alcha Mokrane - Bestwood

    Section C: Junior Slow Melody ( Ages 15-18 )

    1st Ian Mildowski - Hathern
    2nd Lewis Squires - Shirland
    3rd Adam Jones - Harborough

    Section D: Open Slow Melody

    1st Stephen Lomas - Hucknall
    2nd Emma Walton - Shirland
    3rd Steve Barham – Leics Co-op

    Section E: Junior Air Varie (Air and Variations)

    1st Adam Jones - Harborough
    2nd Adam Whittle - Shirland
    3rd Lewis Squires - Shirland

    Section F: Open Air Varie

    1st Stephen Lomas - Hucknall
    2nd Steve Barham – Leics Co-op
    3rd Chris Lock - Derwent

    Section G: Open Duets

    1st Sam Scutt & Graham Jacklin – Leics Co-op
    2nd Richard Capstack & Nick Lear – Leics Co-op
    3rd Patricia & Peter Woodings – Newhall
    - Special Prize – Highest placed under 19 Years:
    - Alcha and Smain Mokrane - Bestwood

    Section H: Junior Hymn Tune Quartets

    1st Shirland A
    2nd Hathern Youth
    3rd Hathern Training

    Section I: Junior Quartets

    1st Shirland Cornets & Flugel
    2nd Shirland MW
    3rd Shirland Euphs and Troms

    Section J: Open Quartets

    1st Amington
    2nd City of Coventry
    3rd Newhall

    Section K: Open Percussion

    1st Luke Timson – Bestwood
    - Special Prize – Highest placed under 19 Years:
    - Luke Timson – Bestwood
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    I had a fab day and was well looked after by Kirk!
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    I had a great day with two of my pupils doing really well gaining 3rd prize in section A and coming 5th in section B.
    This was there very first solo contest.