LBBA Solo, Duet and Quartet Contest, 25th April

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    LBBA Solo Contest Results
    The Leicestershire Brass Band Association held their Open Junior & Senior Slow Melody, Aire Varie, Duet & Quartet Contest on Sunday, April 25, 2004 at Groby Community College near Leicester. There was another fantastic number of entries and adjudicators for the event were Gary Wyatt, Mark Smith and Graham Sutton.

    Junior Slow Melody 10 years & under
    Danielle Audley-Wiltshire Shirland 1st
    Daniel Walton Shirland 2nd
    Emily Beesley Harborough 3rd

    Junior Slow Melody 11 & 12 years
    Sarah Lenton Fulborn & Teversham 1st
    Lucy Moore Shirland 2nd
    Ed Crooks Harborough 3rd

    Junior Slow Melody 13 & 14 years
    Vicki Reynolds Hathern 1st
    Emily Braverman & Katherine Adams Fulbourn & Ratby 2nd
    John Butcher Fulbourn & Teversham 3rd

    Junior Slow Melody Under 19 years
    Victoria Haworth Shirland 1st
    Jack Hardy Hathern 2nd
    Victoria Lenton & Matthew Haines Fulbourn & Ratby Youth 3rd

    Open Slow Melody
    Mark Taylor Chapeltown 1st
    Jonathan Scott Ratby 2nd
    Sarah Lenton Fulbourn & Teversham 3rd

    Junor Air Varie
    Victoria Haworth Shirland 1st
    Vicki Reynolds Hathern 2nd
    Emily Braverman Fulbourn & Teversham 3rd

    Open Air Varie
    Sheila Coates Ratby Co op 1st
    Victoria Haworth Shirland 2nd
    Vicki Reynolds Hathern 3rd

    Open Duets
    Daniel Powell & Vicki Reynolds Wigston & Hathern 1st
    Vicki Reynolds & Katherine Adams Hathern & Ratby 2nd
    Jack Hardy & Ian Williams Hathern 3rd
    (Highest placed duet under 19yrs
    Vicki Reynolds & Daniel Powell Hathern & Wigston )

    Junior Hymn Tune Quartet
    Newstead A 1st
    Ratby Youth 2nd
    Hathern Youth 3rd

    Junior Quartets
    Thoresby Youth 1st
    Shirland 2nd
    Harborough 3rd

    Open Quartets
    Chapeltown 1st

    Open Percussion
    Josh Neale*Highest placed under 19yrs Bedworth Music Centre 1st
    Joe Shaw Hathern 2nd
    Martin Benson Thoresby 3rd
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