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    The Leicestershire Brass Band Association Solo, Duet and Quartet contest was once again held at Groby Community College in the heart of Leicestershire. Adjudicators Ian Bartram and Keith Leonard listened to performances across 16 sections, including one for percussionists. The October contest is open to any LBBA member bands, and incorporates the presentation of the overall Junior Champion during the festival. This year the overall champion title was jointly awarded to brother and sister Dan and Emma Walton from the Shirland Band.

    The winners in each section were as follows:

    Section A: Junior Slow Melody – 11 years and Under

    1st Alison Trille – Rushden Town
    2nd Hollie Minnie – Shirland
    3rd Alice Watson – Harborough Training

    Section B: Junior Slow Melody – 12 & 13 years

    1st Milli Jacklin – Leicestershire Co-op
    2nd Devon Harris – Ratby Youth
    3rd Emily Beasley – Harborough Training

    Section C: Junior Slow Melody – 14 & 15 years

    1st Dan Walton - Shirland
    2nd Simon Webber – Bilton Silver
    3rd Ian Milodowski - Hathern

    Section D: Junior Slow Melody – 16, 17 & 18 years

    1st Emma Walton - Shirland
    2nd Adam Jones - Harborough
    3rd Ami Petch - Shirland

    Section E: Junior Sight-Reading – 15 years and under

    1st Dan Walton – Shirland
    2nd Lewis Squires – Shirland

    Section F: Junior Sight-Reading – 16, 17 & 18 years

    1st Emma Walton – Shirland

    Section G: Junior Air Varie – 14 years and under

    1st Dan Walton - Shirland
    2nd Lewis Squires - Shirland
    3rd Charlotte Lievesley - Shirland

    Section H: Junior Air Varie – 15 to 18 years

    1st Emma Walton - Shirland
    2nd Adam Jones - Harborough

    Section I: Junior Quartet Hymn Tune

    1st Shirland Welfare Training
    2nd Shirland Youth
    3rd Hathern Youth

    Section J: Junior Quartet – 18 & under

    1st Shirland D
    2nd Shirland Girls
    3rd Shirland E + Shirland Euphs & Troms

    Section K: Open Slow Melody

    1st Dan Walton - Shirland
    2nd Emma Walton - Shirland
    3rd Judith Hayes – Bilton Silver

    Section L: Open Air Varie

    1st Judith Hayes – Bilton Silver

    Section M: Open Quartets

    1st Leicestershire Co-op
    2nd Bilton Silver

    Section N: Junior Duets – 18 years & Under

    1st H Williams & S Webber – Bilton Silver
    2nd L Squires & D Walton - Shirland
    3rd M Jacklin & M Burton – Leicestershire Co-op

    Section O: Junior Duets – 18 years & Under

    1st P Davis & R Capstack – Leicestershire Co-op
    2nd L Moran & Nigel Howard – Bilton Silver
    3rd H Williams & S Webber – Bilton Silver

    Section P: Open Percussion

    1st Anna Matthews - Kibworth
    2nd Ellie Wingett - Ratby

    OVERALL JUNIOR CHAMPION: Joint Champions – Emma & Dan Walton - Shirland
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    Section O should read:

    Section O – Open Duets
    1 P Davis & Richard Capstack – Leicestershire Co-op
    2 Laura Moran & Nigel Howard, Bilton Silver (Rugby)
    3 Hayley Williams & Judith Hayes, Bilton Silver (Rugby)

    (oh to be still under 18!!) :)
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    :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
  5. Rushden Town Band Beginner's Class started last November & we are so proud of all 6 competitors but especially Alison who has improved leaps & bounds lately. :clap:

    Thanks to everyone involved in running the Groby contest - it is always an excellent day out!

    Well done to all of you!:tup
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    What date is the open LBBA solo contest next year please as we are looking at coming up from the Forest of Dean Area Youth Brass Band (if you took part last year then you may well have met some of us!). We really enjoyed it last year although i'm not too sure about the slow melodies being unaccompanied - makes the bars rest a little dull!
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    Provisionally this is Sunday 6th April 2008 - and we hope to confirm this sometime soon. Full details will appear on our website, which is mid construction.

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