LBBA Open Contest: Includes Official Results

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  1. WoodenFlugel

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    I have been asked to post the following here on behalf of the Leicestershire Brass Band Association:

    Leicester’s Open Brass Band Contest 2007

    Leicestershire Brass Band Association are pleased to confirm the date for this year’s contest as Sunday 18th November.

    Further details will follow once confirmed.

    If you have not been before and would like to be put on the mailing list for a contest schedule please contact Mrs Lesley Bentley, 21 Gables Lea, Sutton Bonington, Leicestershire, LE12 5NW.
    Tel 01509 672029 E-mail:
  2. MRSH

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    Our band are going to enter this (again!!!)

    Can anyone tell me what the 'day transfer' rules are, please?

  3. brassed_off

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    How many players is a band allowed in total, including percussion?
  4. postie

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    Leicester contest is always slightly different from the rest in allowing 30 players to play at the contest.
  5. Leicester Contest - are you there?

    Does anyone know who's going to Leicester Contest this year?
  6. Baldeagle

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    Carlton Brass will be there in the 2nd Section
  7. MRSH

    MRSH Supporting Member

    Brighton & Hove City Brass will be there in the 3rd Section
  8. Think it's 25 brass + 5 percussion.
  9. Leics contest

    Just looked at the rules - it's 30 + percussion
  10. barrytone

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    Thirty players, why would you need thirty brass players when a standard test piece is scored for twenty five? Can't understand the logic. Where do these five extra players come from and what do they do at every other contest when only twenty five brass players are allowed on stage? Why have different rules for every contest, surely rules regarding numbers should be standard and only the number of percussionists vary according to the piece concerned.
  11. imthemaddude

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    I think its a great thing that you can have 30 players. Look at it in a positive light rather than a negative - how great is it that a band can have the luxury to to have enough players to be able to drop some for contests and think how even better it is for the band to be able to play as a whole band with everyone playing at a contest without some people missing out. I think its a positive thing and says much about the numbers of players in Leicester.
  12. barrytone

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    Sorry but I find it hard to be optimistic about even getting a full band of 25 players for a contest. Maybe there are bands in Leicester that have plenty of players, I don't know, I don't live there. I live in Yorkshire and nearly every band I know is short of players. It's ok for a band to take the stage with 30 players but does that give them an unfair advantage against bands who take to the stage with 25 or less?

    Let's have a level playing field, 25 is the standard number of brass players needed for a full band, lets leave it at 25 and give everyone an equal chance.

    It's heartening to know that not every area of the country is struggling to find players as so many bands in the north are. Maybe everyone's moved to the Midlands?
  13. Brian

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    Leicester Contest

    So why not contact the British federation who had the rules changed so that Bands could register 40players...think about it for every 4 bands ( with 25 brass) = 100 players...3 Bands with 40 = 120 band has been disolved, thereby the lack of players.
    Regarding the contest, It is always nice to be able to play the few players who would not normally be able to play under the 25brass plus perc
  14. barrytone

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    Quite understand your point, and you're right, if every band registered 40 players, that's one band gone. For the federation to change the rules, there must have been a perceived need to increase the number of registered players allowed per band.

    However, how many of those 40 registered players play regularly? I would suggest that many bands have players registered who only help at contests as and when required. I would also suggest that in an area where many bands are struggling to fill seats, they probably don't have the maximum number of players registered because there simply aren't the numbers of players available.

    There is a definate shortage of brass players in our region, bands that have full rehearsals are very lucky but also very rare. It's a sad fact that many bands are competing with each other for players and survival, however hopefully this pattern doesn't repeat itself in other regions.

    Sorry to go off topic, back to the Leicester contest and who's going!
  15. WoodenFlugel

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    It's not normally my way to support an initiative from the BFBB ;) but I think your logic here is hugely flawed. We currently have the full 40 registered players, but I reckon 10 of those are not and maybe never will be regularly playing so they are not a loss to any band. Having 40 registered players does mean that should the unthinkable happen and we have to cover a part with a registered dep we have a pool of players to choose from without forcing our over-worked contest sec. into even more hassle needed to register another player - perhaps at the expense of someone who does normally play full-time.
  16. Super Ph

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    My band is hoping to go to this contest with the full thirty, or something close to it - and why not? Few bands would turn down the chance to have some parts played louder than 25 can.

    Why shouldn't a successful organisation with more players get to do better at contests and all have a good time doing so? Why should bands that scrape together 20-odd including ringers get to compete on a level playing field? It doesn't even do them any good let alone anyone else.
  17. IJK

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    Can I just say that it shouldnt matter if you have 20 or 30 players??? We all do this as a hobby to enjoy it dont we!!!

    Ok when you win its great and yes when you dont we like a good moan.

    whats the problem if you have 20 players and all the parts are put in, to a band that has 30 players which also puts everything in? as it is one guy in a box who can't tell how many players around the stand or how old each player is?

    Lets just stop the moaning and go and enjoy the day if you win you win, if you dont then learn from the mistakes.
  18. MoominDave

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    I don't think that it works like that. Having parts doubled means each player has to play more precisely - more accurately timed, better in tune. So the extra players have to be better than the rest of the band to improve things. But if you were forced to leave out 5 players, who would you rest? Not the best 5...

    ROBTHEDOG Member

    We won't be there doing new CD that weekend.. Good luck to all..

  20. Super Ph

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    Completely true - this is why its not an unfair advantage. But assuming for a moment you have a pool of players that can play roughly in time...

    having 5 basses and 5 on the front can be very handy.

    The answer to the question of course - the 5 that are on holiday.