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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by jockinafrock, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. jockinafrock

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    So - who's doing this at Remembrance this year...? I haven't done it for a couple of years now, but not so long back me and hubby did a marathon 7 Last Post and Reveille renditions in 2 days! :eek:

    This was a regular thing each year as no-one else wanted to do it. I always found it a privilage. Needless to say we don't need the music now!
    Interesting to know which reveille folks played - I've played 3 different ones dependent on which part of the country I was in. :-?

    Many memories of freezing fingers, a drippy nose and water gurgling away...:oops:
  2. Getzonica

    Getzonica Active Member

    Dunno about this year yet, but I got to play them last year at my school's service which was really nice as i'd always wanted to play it and I felt privilieged to play them.
  3. JesTperfect!

    JesTperfect! Member

    Mmm, I have to do it 2 or 3 times this year.

    I get really nervous, because I thinks it's a big deal, and a privilege to be asked.

    Got me my 15 minutes of fame last year though -some absolute fool thought it would be a good idea to put it on TV! Why me? Out of all the towns in the Southwest, why choose ME?!
  4. 4thmandown

    4thmandown Member

    I can't think how many times I've done it over the years. I have my regular job in a village called Beoley, plus I also have played for the Royal Tank Regiment Reunion the last three years - and that is serious brown trouser time, with a room full of ex-servicemen of all ranks. It's always a challenge to get it absolutely spot on and maintain a degree of deportment, which I always try to do, especially when freezing cold.

    Most nerve-wracking was a situation I got myself into a few years ago up in Newcastle-under-Lyme. I was asked to play for a "small" service on the 11th - not the Remembrance Service. Small? Only about 500 people round the cenotaph, flags, Army Cadets, ATC etc, etc - and me who hadn't picked up the instrument in 3 months.

    As to the Reveille question, I find that it's useful to have at least two up your sleeve and consult with the service organiser first, though I don't doubt that the pedants will always criticise you for playing the "wrong" one!
  5. tam-tam2

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    We at Lymsptone do two marches, one in Taunton (where a bugler always does the last post) and Dawlish where one of the band do it - I have done it for the last 3 years and always use the Reveille from the Royal Marines Bugler's Handbook. This year could be a break from the norm though when I may have to play bass drum for the marches and then pick up the cornet for the Last Post at the end of the march - at least my lip won't be gone!!
  6. themusicalrentboy

    themusicalrentboy Active Member

    I've been asked to do three on Remembrance Sunday so far, and I'm doing on on Armistice Day itself.
  7. JesTperfect!

    JesTperfect! Member

    I have five to do so far.

    I've also been asked to play it at a funeral on Saturday, which I'm dreading. Even though I don't know the man or his family, I know I'll struggle not to let their grief affect me.

    Has anyone ever done this before?

    I've been told that I'm best to stand a fair distance away from the grave. I've asked the family, but they don't seem to know exactly what they want and have said they'll leave such decisions in my 'capable' hands........

    I just don't know the right way to go about it.
  8. jackocorn

    jackocorn Member

    I did a "LastPostathon" myself (not sponsored though) which was 7 in 5 days, so not quite as good. My kids were a bit dismayed when I showed up and did one in their School Assembly - their faces, ha, ha, ha!

    Down to do just tow (Sunday morning in Church and the 11am on the 11th in a local shopping Centre).
  9. Getzonica

    Getzonica Active Member

    I've been asked to play it at a funeral later this week.

    I'm also hopping that I might get to play it at school again.
  10. themusicalrentboy

    themusicalrentboy Active Member

    stand a fair way away, and also concentrate solely on the playing (maybe close your eyes? it'll look pretentious but if it stops you welling up, does it matter?)
  11. CubbRep

    CubbRep Member

    I have played The Last Post and Rouse for the last 36 years.I was in a Corps of Drums in the army and played every Remembrance Day no matter where i was stationed.And still play to this day at least 3 times on the day.And always without fail play it on a bugle.
  12. jockinafrock

    jockinafrock Active Member

    I played at a funeral at the request of the local RBL for one of their old comrades - it was very emotional even though I didn't know the gentleman, but again a privilage to do so. His family and chums were there with their standards, and it was a very dignified occasion. I stood at the back of a packed Durham crematorium so not a lot of room - spilt a few tears afterwards, but managed to stay composed in front of everyone, after all it wasn't my day...
  13. Bryan_sop

    Bryan_sop Active Member

    One of my most nerve-racking experiences was when I was 17, I was playing last post and reveille at my college on armastice day when they were also re-dedicating a WW1 plaque that had been stolen. I was live on radio and on all the local news shows that night.

    How many people actually use a Bugle rather than a trumpet or cornet? My Nan bought my bugle for me on a market stall at the Isle of Wight Garlic festival for 12 quid! Proper ex-army Boosey n Hawkes one rather than one of those awful ornimental ones!

    Not doing it this year, haven't for a couple of years actually. Think they get the local Cadets to do it these days


    I'll be playing it at least twice this year in Chapel-en-le-Frith.
  15. GJG

    GJG Well-Known Member

    I'll be playing it, as I have done for several years now, at the Air Forces Memorial in Runnymede.

    I can understand why some people think, properly speaking, it should be played on a bugle. Personally, I take the view that I would rather use whatever instrument gives me the best chance of playing it well. That said, in recent years I've taken to playing it on a Bb rotary valve trumpet; I find it gives me more security than a real bugle, but has a slightly more "bugle-y" sound than a piston valve trumpet. It's just slightly unfortunate that one of the more derogatory nicknames for rotary valve trumpets in the trade is a "Hitlerphone" ...
  16. mjwarman

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    I've got three this year, the best one is at the cenotaph (sp) on the saturday for the War widows. Prince Charlie and Camilla were there last year. The most nerve racking thing that I have done for a while. If anyone saw the ITV news, Meridian today, (south east) last week when they were doing a piece on the Nimrod that crashed, you would have seen me (for about 3 seconds) and heard me (for about 4 more seconds) that was quite a proud moment, it's just unfortunate for the poor victim of that crash who's funeral I was playing at.
  17. Daisy Duck

    Daisy Duck Member

    I did it for the first time today, at Battle in Sussex. It is a real honour and a privilege to be asked.
  18. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    We had Crawford playing at Clayton & Emley, Pete playing in Mirfield, Andy playing in Flockton & Emma playing in Sheffield. . That's a lot of Last Posts for one band!
  19. BigHorn

    BigHorn Active Member

    I was having a debate after the last post with other band members on sunday. I thought it was the last post followed by the Rouse not Reveille.

    I maintained the Reveille was a slightly different tune played at dawn. I was roundly shouted down but I'm sure I'm right. Please someone come to my defence - they are different aren't they?
  20. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    Yes, they are different. Rouse is the usual choice for Remembrance Ceremonials. (As played by the Royal Marines at the Cenotaph).