Last Night of the Proms at Hadleigh Temple

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    “Last Night of the Proms” at Hadleigh Temple

    Two weeks after the visit of the ISB to Hadleigh a packed hall rang to a rather different tune as the “home team” presented a “Last Night of the Proms” concert in aid of the Mayor of Castle Point’s Charity Appeal. In addition to the well-established favourites, Hadleigh Temple Band gave their first public airings to a number of pieces, including “Farandole” (Bizet, arr Richard Phillips), “Chanson de matin” (Elgar, arr Wes Kendrick) and “Chassidic Dance” (Howard Evans).

    Supporting the band for the second year running were three local vocalists, Colleen Elvidge, Vanessa Cozens and Hilary Pell, who was formerly Singing Company (junior choir) Leader at the corps. They made their entrance unannounced with “The planets”, an item in operatic style, but their other pieces, in which they were ably accompanied by Andrew Palmer at the piano, were predominantly light in character. There was considerable amusement when they called upon Bandmaster Ken Hillson to take a seat, only for him to become the centre of attention in a selection from Cole Porter’s “Can-can”, including the songs “C’est magnifique” and “Allez-vous-en”. Their rendition of “The Rhythm of Life” – complete with a central Swingle Singers style “dooby-doo” section – was performed twice, having been requested as an encore.

    Also well received were two timbrel items, the first presented by the 15-strong Junior Timbrels, and the second, an innovative display to Ray Farr’s arrangement of “Troika”, by ten members of the senior group. The evening is expected to have raised in excess of £2000 for the Mayor’s Charity, which aims to support the disadvantaged within the Borough of Castle Point.
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