Laskey Flugel And Trumpet Mouthpieces, plus music

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by blue eyes, Feb 28, 2005.

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    Laskey Flugel And Trumpet Mouthpieces

    Hi I am trying to help my dad... he has just started up selling his mouthpieces and also big band orchestrations. Please have a look on and type in laskey (in the search box) or look for his username FREDFACTOR81. He is selling laskey trumpet and flugel mouthpieces at bargain prices- there are as new, no marks, no scratches and are a real bargain. He is also selling on his big band orchestrations adding more all the time. He has played all the orchestrations with his own big band so he can tell you all about them. Anyway I hope you have a look at least. Many Thanks. Rachel
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    Laskey's and sheet music for sale

    Hi I left a message earlier this week about my dad selling the laskey mouthpieces and sheet music on ebay. I know that a few of you have looked which is great...However the ebay auctions have finished now and he did not manage to sell two of the mouthpieces and he has plenty of big band sheet music still for sale. Please email him on if you are interested.
    Thanks, Blue_eyes.
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    In that case, I'll merge them! ;)