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    I have booked a day trip to the Land of Burns. Does anyone have a list of competing bands?
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    From the website:

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    Thank you. I couldn't access the website last week, from the SBBA site, but seems to be ok now.
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    If you obtain a list of bands, could you upload it to brassbandresults please? Or at least let us know it?

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    Downshire brass
    Newmilns & galston
    Tullis Russell Mills
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    Many thanks. It should be a good day out.
  8. smaca

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    Heard all 13 bands today.....thanks to everyone. Very enjoyable and some great music choices, playing and entertainment.

    Special mention for Tullis. I thought they were so musical and produced some real lovely moments, especially in the softer bits where the real test is. I noticed they are graded 2nd section, but no surprise to me they took 1st and Championship sections scalps. Thanks all for a great day.
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    Cheers Stuart. Very pleased with our performance today.
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    Paul, I have just seen your antics from yesterday on YouTube. Absolutely brilliant!
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    1. Co-operative Funeralcare (Allan Ramsay) - 95
    2. Whitburn (Anne Crookston) - 94
    3. Newmilns & Galston (N/K)- 90
    4. Downshire Brass (Michael Alcorn) - 89
    5. Tullis Russell Mills (Paul Drury) - 88
    6. Johnstone Silver - 87
    7. Coalburn Silver - 86
    8. Newtongrange Silver - 85
    9. Fishburn (Huw Thomas) - 84
    10. Clackmannan District Brass - 83
    11. Shotts St. Patrick's Brass - 82
    12. Irvine & Dreghorn Brass - 81
    13. Kilmarnock Concert Brass - 80

    Most Entertaining Band: Tullis Russell Mills

    Highest Placed First Section Band: Newmilns & Galston
    Highest Placed Second Section Band: Tullis Russell Mills
    Highest Placed Ayrshire Band: Newmilns & Galston

    Best Instrumentalist: Caroline Farren (flugel) - Whitburn
    Best Principal Cornet: Alex Ramsay - Co-operative Funeralcare
    Best Soprano Cornet: Jackie McLarnon - Downshire Brass
    Best Flugel Horn: Caroline Farren - Whitburn
    Best Horn: Michael Fleming - Whitburn
    Best Trombone: Brendan Coyle - Downshire Brass
    Best Euphonium: Scott Kerr - Newmilns & Galston
    Best Bass Section: Co-operative Funeralcare
    Best Percussion Section: Whitburn
  12. smaca I am with you a very enjoyable day but for me some of the bands have forgotten what entertainment is, just having a player or a section standing up (and not even getting up in time.....) is not entertainment and for me many of the bands played a few pieces without thinking about it as a 20 min concert program which needs to be varied. I concur with your statements about Tullis Russell and they actually made me laugh during the Tuba solo with a well thought out and obviously rehearsed bit of play acting. And hats of to Downshire as well a well played and well balanced program. I didn't hear Irvine & Dreghorn.......... really sorry guys but the Coop and Whitburn where a good bit in front of the other podium places for me with the cornet feature from the Coop just awesome.

    A well organised day although was there an issue with percussion ? I though all the percussion was supplied on stage but it seemed to take a while to get the bands set up.

    Looking forward to the Fife Contest now which I believe is earlier this year and will be at the end of Sept ?
  13. AlanD

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    Does anyone have a full list of which pieces the bands played?
  14. cutter

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    To start you off Alan,

    Johnstone played:

    Altius, Citius, Fortius (Fernie)
    Nightingale Dances (Matthew Hall)
    Felling Good, Trom Solo (arr Brian Johnson)
    Steal Away (arr Snell)
    Second Sinfonietta For Band, 1st Movement Jean Balissat
  15. davids

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    Irvine and Dreghorn

    Earle of Oxford's March - arr. Howarth
    Way Down Yonder in New Orleans - arr. Roberts
    Winter - Goff Richards
    Baby it's cold outside - arr. Gott
    Borage - Hazell
    Valero - Swearingen


    Stars and Stripes Forever - Sousa
    A Star is Born - arr. Catherall
    Amazonia - Graham
    Country Scene - Richards
    Legend of Cyfarthfa - Hall

    Tullis Russell Mills

    Carmina Burana Fanfare
    Activate - Hall
    Water of Tyne - arr. Harper
    Bare Necessities - Baker
    They shall come from the East - Larsson


    Liberty Fanfare - Sparke
    Sing Sing Sing - Freeh
    Mid all the Traffic - Ballantyne
    Where Eagles Sing - Cooper


    Fest Musik.....Wien - arr. Banks
    Faith - arr. Harper
    Pie in the face polka - arr. Taylor
    We've only just begun - arr. Farr
    Credo - Barry


    Bustout Brigade - Dobson
    Lament from Macbeth - Meechan
    La Fiesta - arr. Harper
    West Side Story - arr. Crees


    Russian Sailors Dance - ass. Carder
    Oranges and Lemons - Peberdy
    Ceilidh - Newton
    Libertango - arr. Baker
    Cossack Wedding Dance - Graham


    Blenheim Flourishes - Curnow
    Ave Maria - arr. Kerwin
    Libertango - arr. Baker
    Mr Sandman - ???
    Malaguena - arr. Drover


    Glory Fanfare - Schwarz
    The way we were - arr. Golland
    Hogarth's Hoedown - Howarth
    Autumn Leaves - ????
    Legends of Cyfarthfa - Hall

    Downshire Brass

    Lonely Boy - Mnozil Brass
    Blackbird Special - Dirty Dozen Brass Band
    Na zdravie - ????
    Witch of Westmerlands - arr. Harper
    Feeling Good - arr. Schwalgin
    Nightingale Dances - Hall

    Newmilns and Galston

    Belford's Carnival March - arr. Newsome
    Scots Fantasia - Duncan
    My Funny Valentine - Cameron
    Voyages to Worlds Unknown - Graham


    Citius, Altius, Fortius - Fernie
    Nightingale Dances - Hall
    Feeling Good - Schwalgin
    Steal Away - arr. Snell
    Dance from Second Sinfoniatta - Balissat

    Co-operative Funeralcare

    Spain - Meechan
    Zigeunerweisen - arr. Lawrence
    Deep Harmony - Parker
    My Sister Kate - ????
    Fire in the Blood - Lovatt-Cooper
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    Cracking, thanks. I'm obviously blind - I'd already looked there!

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