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    The Dalmellington Band are proud to present their annual "Land O' Burns Invitation Brass Band Contest" in the Concert Hall in Troon on Saturday September 4th.

    This will be our tenth Contest and since it's inception in 1995, we have striven to make it one of the best Contests on the Brass Band circuit, bringing top quality Bands to Troon to compete in a friendly but competitive competition. We are delighted to announce that this year has seen a record number of Bands enter the Contest, which indicates that our aim when we began, has been well and truly achieved.

    Eighteen Bands (from England & Northern Ireland as well as from all over Scotland) will converge on the town to do battle for a very impressive prize fund of £4500 - which is the highest prize fund of any Contest in Scotland - with the winners on the day receiving £2000.

    The full line-up will be :-

    Annan Town
    Bo'ness & Carriden
    Buckhaven & Methil Miners
    Campbeltown Brass
    Clackmannan District
    Dunaskin Doon
    Irvine & Dreghorn
    Johnstone Silver
    Kingdom Brass
    Mactaggart Scott Silver
    Shotts St. Patrick's
    Tullis Russell Mills
    Unison Kinneil
    1st Old Boys (Seacat)

    The draw will take place at 10.30am with the first Band taking to the stage and ready to play at 11.30am.

    Each Band will be playing a programme of entertaining concert items lasting no longer that 20 minutes. This time limit will be strictly enforced. Each Band's programme must not exceed 20 minutes playing time but to allow for tempo fluctuations on the day, there is a one minute "safety barrier." If a Band goes beyond the safety barrier, they will be deducted 2 points for every 10 seconds they exceed the limit. The timings taken will be for music performance only, announcements and time between pieces will not be counted.
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    I'll be there playing with my old band Freckleton. The programme is of course top secret! Plus I've forgotten what it is anyway! hehe. Anyway, just so you know anyone who's going if you wish to avoid me!
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    hey chris, I'm going, not playing though:woo probably see you there!
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    The World of Brass trade stand will be there on Saturday!
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    Mini results for time being - full results will appear later im sure

    1 Whitburn
    2 Unison Kinneil
    3 Fishburn
    4 Kirkintilloch

    Best Instrumentalist - Soprano - Unison Kinneil
    Best Cornet - Fishburn
    Best Basses - Whitburn

    Long day for all but very enjoyable, great to see bands coming from England and Ireland to attend.

    Dalmellington Band
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    Any one know the rest of the results for Troon? :?:
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    We (Freckleton) were 7th, and we got best euph (Patrick Howard)
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    Full Results

    1. Whitburn
    2. Unison Kinneil
    3. Fishburn
    4. Kirkintilloch
    5. Kingdom Brass
    6. Johnstone
    7. Freckleton
    8. Clackmannan District
    9. Bo’ness & Carriden
    10. 1st Old Boys (Seacat)
    11. Campbeltown Brass
    12. Irvine & Dreghorn
    13. Tullis Russell Mills
    14. Shotts St. Patrick’s
    15. Buckhaven Methil Miners
    16. Dunaskin Doon
    17. Annan Town (APD) Band

    Best Instrumentalist: Owen Downie, Soprano with Unison Kinneil
    Best Principal Cornet: John Gill, Fishburn
    Best Euphonium: Patrick Howard, Freckleton
    Best Bass Section: Whitburn
    Dress & Deportment: Fishburn

    Dalmellington Band
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    Does anyone have the points ? I know we (Kingdom Brass) had two deducted for being over time ... just trying to work out what the adjudicators actual placings were (and how much prize money we missed out on !!)
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    Pat Howard

    Well done Stanners on your Best Euph.
    I hope the trophy was bigger than the last one!
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    Bass Solo

    Don't suppose anyone caught the name of the bass solo played by Unison Kinneil.
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    The bass solo was Glorious Ventures.
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    It was arranged and played by fellow tMP'r GorgieBoy himself (Paul Drury).
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    Was also played by Kirkie's principal cornet player arranged by Peter Graham I think
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    Just so as there's no confusion, I played 'Glorious Ventures' which is a solo composed by Peter Graham. In truth I didn't arrange it, I just put together a band part from the piano score I had so that I could play it with band accompaniment as there wasn't a band score for Eb soloist.

    Paul Drury