Land O Burns Contest 2008

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  1. Joe Soap

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    Great contest. I hope to get along to haver a listen.

    I am reliably informed that St Patrick's Shotts will be there.

    Others ?
  2. Alisop

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    Annan Town Band
  3. Woop woop! Can't wait :D
  4. Joe Soap

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    Just returned from a short sojourn to see a Shotts / Annan 1-2 at Troon.No one else appears to be going so we'll split the prize money !
  5. Joe Soap

    Joe Soap Member

    Anyone from Dalmellington have the list off competing bands ?
  6. Tubah

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    The 14th annual “Land O’ Burns Invitation Brass Band Contest” organised and promoted by The Dalmellington Band has once again attracted 16 bands from Scotland, England and Northern Ireland to compete for Scotland’s top prize money of £5,600.

    We are delighted to welcome back Easington Colliery from England, defending Champions and current Scottish Champions Whitburn and, for the first time to our Contest, Downshire Brass Band from Northern Ireland.

    The full line-up will be

    Annan Town (APD)
    Barrhed Burgh
    Bon Accord Silver
    Brass Sounds Inverclyde
    Coalburn Silver
    Croy Silver
    Downshire Brass
    Dunaskin Doon
    Easington Colliery
    Kirkintilloch Kelvin
    Renfrew Burgh
    Shotts St. Patrick’s
    Unison Kinneil

    The above was taken from Dalmellingtons website.
  7. Joe Soap

    Joe Soap Member

    Good luck to all competing bands .

  8. EbHorny

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    Any results yet?? I wasn't able to stay....
  9. DLogan

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    Full results

    PLACING Band Section Draw Score
    1 Whitburn Ch. 13 195
    2 Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass 1st 9 193
    3 Easington Colliery Ch. 7 192
    4 Bon Accord Silver Ch. 2 191
    5 Johnstone 2nd 15 190
    6 Downshire Brass 3rd 14 189
    7 Lochgelly 1st 8 188
    8 Barrhead Burgh 1st 4 187
    9 Dunaskin Doon Ch. 12 186
    10 Croy Silver 2nd 6 185
    11 Annan Town (APD) 3rd 5 184
    12 Renfrew Burgh 4th 1 182
    13 Shotts St. Patrick’s 2nd 11 181
    14 Coalburn Silver 3rd 3 179
    15 Brass Sounds Inverclyde 4th 10 178

    Best Instrumentalist Trombone - Whitburn
    Best Principal Cornet Whitburn
    Best Soprano Cornet Whitburn
    Best Flugel Horn Easington
    Best Tenor Horn Whitburn
    Best Trombone Whitburn
    Best Euphonium Bon Accord
    Best Bass Section Whitburn
    Best Percussion Section Whitburn
    Dress & Deportment Easington Colliery
    Highest Placed Ayrshire Band Dunaskin Doon
  10. drumandbass

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    what are the thoughts from people who where there on the results? are they your choice?
  11. Euphjam

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    Just a quick note to say congratulations to Sandy and all the members of the Dalmellington Band for a very successful and as always well run/organised contest. You all worked your socks off all day and it was a very enjoyable day!.( you've got to do something about that compere tho.....! tee-hee ).
  12. DLogan

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    Thanks for the kind comments - glad you enjoyed the day.

    Your right about the compere though so we've decided to sack Derick and stick with David!!! (Hee hee!)
  13. hutch

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    Thanks to Sandy and Bon Accord for all their help yesterday it was very much appreciated.

    David Hutcheson

    MD Renfrew Burgh Band

    ps we had a great day and as usual well organised.

  14. Really enjoyed the contest again. Slightly annoyed at where we were placed but, its all done now and it was fun to be back. Bring on next year.
  15. Tubah

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    Usual excellent day by the sea. Big up to the organisers. Burgers and beers galore. Nice to see a band from over the water there, although having come second to them would have preferred them to be in the second section!!!
    Roll on next year.

    Message to Rocky, Stuffed ya haha