Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Loco Works Band (Horwich)

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    Do any of the band history buffs out there have any information on the Lancs.& Yorkshire Railway Band please?
    On the IBEW Extinct Bands page it just lists the band as 'Active in 1905'.
    It would appear I have one of their Bb basses and I was particularly wondering if anyone knew what year they survived to
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    You must be knocking on floppymute if you have one of the basses!!! Are you looking to return it?? lol
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    I probably am knocking on to tell the truth, but alas I'm not the original owner. I found this bass in a house clearance sale many years ago and it's served me well ever since. As a teacher I started a few decent young bass players on it. Serial number dates it to 1896 & it has L & YR engraved on the mouthpiece...hence my original question.
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    A couple of curious points with regard to that band record... The data seem consistent with the L&Y band folding after 1905 and the RMI band picking up in 1912 (as it says in the link above) - apart from the Swinton contest of 7/9/1895, where the band is recorded on BBR anachronistically as "Horwich RMI". Also, the link above gives a folding date of 1931 for the band, but there is a solitary contest record from 1953, at a much less prestigious contest than they had previously been in the habit of attending. Perhaps a revival was attempted?

    Unfortunately, I can't find any report of the 1895 contest in the British Library collections of newspapers, so can't confirm whether or not they actually entered under this name... Maybe it's a mistake... Or maybe there were two bands in Horwich in 1895 and the use of the RMI name in 1912 for the new band was the refounding of this second band... Anyone know?