Lakeside Entertainments Contest

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  1. Baldeagle

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    Lakeside Brass Extravaganza

    On the 11th of September Carlton Brass Nottingham in conjunction with Lakeside Tower is holding an Open Invitation Entertainments Contest. Each band will play 20 – 25 minuets of music from the central island in the magnificent surroundings of Lakeside.

    The adjudicator for the day is Mr David Read and the MC is the larger than Life Lynden Cooper from Newstead Welfare.

    Seven Bands have accepted invitations to play they include one from the North West, one from Yorkshire and five from the Midlands.

    Entry is free and a quality souvenir programme will be available. Beer at £2 a pint is on offer as is a food tent.

    The whole lot kicks off at 12.30pm for what should be an enjoyable afternoon of band music. So come along to Lakeside which is situated on the A60 just north of Nottingham on the Mansfield Road.
  2. postie

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    It should be a wonderful event Bestwood will be their competing. So come along should be a good day.
  3. Baldeagle

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    The Bands taking part in the contest are-

    Bestwood Welfare
    Black Diamonds Band. Brian Draper

    Dronfield CMW Band. Alan Tyler

    Hawk Green Marple Band. Phil Pavey

    Hopkins Solicitors Blidworth Band. Geoff Hawley

    Kirkby Colliery Welfare Band. Huw Thomas

    Leicester Co-Op Band. Graham Jacklin

    Strata Brass. David Hirst
  4. Brian

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    Lakeside Entertainments

    Wow....Must review my programme, didn't realize we had to play 20-25 "MINUETS"..LOL
  5. Baldeagle

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    Oooppps Red Wine - 1 Ray - 0
  6. PeterBale

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    It's a good job you don't have to do the repeats in the trios!

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