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    Carlton Brass in association with Lakeside


    3rd Annual Open Invitation Contest

    Sunday 16th September 2007

    Adjudicator David Read

    Compare Lyndon Cooper of Newstead Welfare Band

    Draw 11am Start 12 Noon

    Full out door BBQ Breakfast and Dinner plus cheap out door bar at Lakeside

    Enjoy good music in the fantastic settings of Lakeside, located on Mansfield Road, Arnold. Nottingham NG58PH

    Sunday 16th September 2007

    Format: 20 – 25 minute entertainment programme
    Commence 12.00
    First Prize £300 + George Slattery Memorial Cup
    Second Prize £200 + Bill Woods Memorial Cup
    Third Prize £100 + Lakeside Carlton Brass Trophy
    Most Entertaining Band £50 + Trophy
    Best Soloist £25 + Trophy

    The Bands

    Creswell Colliery Band Bob Wolffinden

    The Harborough Band Chris Groom

    Hopkins Solicitors Blidworth Band Geoff Hawley

    Stannington Band Derek Renshaw

    Strata Brass David Hirst

    Whitwell Brass Band David Fretwell

    United Yorkshire Co-op Band William Rushworth
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    Good luck with the contest I hope it goes well.
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    1 Stannington

    2 Strata

    3 Hopkins Solictors Blidworth

    4 Whitwell

    Most Entertaing band Stannington

    Best Soloist Solo Horn Stannington