Lakeside Contest 2006

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    Carlton Brass (Nottingham)

    Carlton Brass in association with Lakeside announce that after the success of last years Lakeside invitation entertainment contest, this years contest will take place on Sunday September 10th. This years contest will see several changes. The first being that there will now be a championship/1st section. The second being that the prize money has been made more substantial! There will be 5 bands in the top section and 5 bands in the lower sections, with prizes given accordingly. There will be no pre draw and ALL bands will be in the main draw and play side by side. The bands this year will not be playing in the centre of the lake, but at the side of the lake. John Berryman has kindly agreed to adjudicate this year. The invitations have gone out to the bands and details of performing bands will be released soon.
    David Bond of Lakeside is very keen to promote this contest again after the success of last year when Strata Brass took the main prize. Strata Brass has confirmed that they will be defending their title this year.
    All is now set for a really good day of band music and the chance to listen to10 bands from all sections performing in concert in the magnificent surroundings of Lakeside.

    Ray Ward
    PRO Carlton Brass (Nottingham) in association with Lakeside
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    Hi Baldeagle, don't forget to add this to the Calendar of events.
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    Ray as it was an open adjudication last year are you able to say which bands are taking part?

    Sorry just re-read your post and it says you'll announce it later - doh
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    Have you decided on the ten bands already, or is it possible to gain an invite?
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    Have added an entry into the tMP Auto Linker: Lakeside Entertainment Contest 2006

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