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  1. StellaJohnson

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    Is there any evidence to suggest men make better brass players than women or that men make better cornet players than women (for example)??

    I was thinking about it last night. In most sports even Darts and Snooker that doesn't involve any physical strength men are better players, so what about brass players or any musical players??:)
  2. Columbo

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    My my! The phrase 'Can of Worms' springs to mind! I fear we could have a record no. of replies! I admire your bravery and I couldn't possibly comment! Good luck.
  3. StellaJohnson

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    Exactly why I didn't put it in the rehearsal room!!:biggrin:
    Open mind, I don't think it does, however I don't see many female bass players especially on the Bb (I find its impossible to play!)
  4. weeble

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    saying nothing

    jasonbs1 ... I'm with you there :D
  5. johnmartin

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    One word why - "KIDS"

    In most cases women tend to give up career/hobbies to have children. Please don't criticise me for that statement, I admire any woman who is willing to put her life on hold to bring up kids. My own wife did this and she is a wonderful mother to our son. The upshot is that their progress in whichever field is then halted until such time as they decide to start again.
  6. StellaJohnson

    StellaJohnson Active Member

    Never thought of that Johnmartin
  7. Rapier

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    Ahh but those at home all day with the kids, have more time to practice than those out at work. ;)
  8. superjobby

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    I don't think there is any correlation between a person's sex and their ability. At the end of the day, if you devote time to practice, and lots of it, then you will be a better player. And you've either got it or you haven't.

    Case in point, both me and my other half are cornet players, and she wipes the floor with me. Mind you, she has more ability in her little finger than I have in my entire body, before practice (or, in my case, lack of) even comes into it!! :tongue:

    I hope my conductor isn't reading this.. :rolleyes:
  9. BigHorn

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    I think the problem is womens ability to multi-task. When they are playing a brass instrument they are planning the weeks menu, shopping list, when to wash their hair, clean out the goldfish etc.
    If they could concentrate on one thing I'm sure Grimethorpe would be full of 'em ;)
  10. StellaJohnson

    StellaJohnson Active Member

    At School we had keyboard lessons. I found it really hard to play something on one hand and something completely different on the other. Thats probably why I'm a bass player, I cannot multitask!!;)
  11. scotchgirl

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    What makes a good player? The sex of the player? I don't think so..utting natural ability aside, the biggest factor in successful instrumental playing is bound to be the amount of time and energy put into it!

    However, being a shorta..e female, I would say that sometimes there are physical handicaps that we girls occasionally come across. I would love to go on to bass, but even with the instrument resting on the chair, the mouthpiece is still on my forehead!! Similarly, playing a trombone is only possible if I play a Bb/F one with a trigger, since 7th position is impossible! lol!

    Also, I haven't found having kids to be to my playing detriment at husband looks after them while I'm at band...he gave up banding to do this.
  12. killer

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    Too many lasses play in our Band to give an honest answer .
  13. steve butler

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    Is that including the big girls blouse on solo euph? :biggrin:
  14. killer

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    probably :biggrin:
  15. countessduckula

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    Female Bb Bass players - we are out there!

    (AARGH!!!!!!!!) Like most brass instruments, each player will find their best tome/speciality on different instruments. Not every bloke can play Bb Bass either. Even many Eb Tuba player's find it hard to progress onto such a fine instrument!

    I have been playing on a Bb Bass for the last 18years! (Horn /Baritone for 8+ before that)Last time I looked i only have few male credentials (apart from sideburns and ability to drink like a fish!) Over the years many have tried to 'persuade me' away from the delicate charms of a Bb Bass - needless to say none have managed! Originally I was told i couldn't try one in the band I was playing in because I was female even though there was a surplus of horns (inc me) at the time and no-one on Bb Bass.

    There is no reason why girlies can't play Bb Bass, I still even played while pregnant - although temporarily stopped marching.

    As for female players, recommend a wee look at

    There were 40+ of us (women/female)at Whit Friday last year, 42 on the stage in a joint concert with B&R in Sept, raising over £25,000.00 for charity in last 3 years.

    Plus even some of us playing Bb Bass. As our usual instrument!
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  16. Di B

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    Great advert for Boobs there :)

    I think it has less to do with gender and more to do with natural talent personally. To be at the very top you need natural talent in music plus the urge to live breathe and practice music! (Well maybe making way for the odd pint)

    As for women multitasking.... I guess thats why we play so well AND can sight read AND can look at dynamics, tempo and accidentals far easier than any bloke can ;-)
  17. countessduckula

    countessduckula New Member

    I will, however, defend all the boys out there with regard to the great concept of multi-tasking. Most people of either gender can multi-task. Just reading this post & contemplating a retort will count. I will agree that the female of the species tends to have a larger amount of multi-tasking flying through the grey matter whereas some other genders may (?) have slightly less.......

    Before you all jump the gun though.......

    New research 'suggests' that the only people who CANNOT multi-task appear to have a psychopathic disorder! Honestly! Therefore, certain non-female genders need to come out of the closet and admit that they can multi-task and no longer have a get out clause for skiving off of whatever!
  18. StellaJohnson

    StellaJohnson Active Member

    I agree there is no different ability to men and women in brass or any other musical playing. I cannot understand as a comparision why darts and snooker (for example) it should be any different. Surely it should be the same??
  19. johnmartin

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    There are no physically different reasons why more men succeed in brass playing than women. Its all down to socio-economic reasons. There have been, currently are and no doubt in future will be many world class female brass players. One need only look at players of the calibre of Katrina Marzella, Kirsty Abbots, Alex Kerwin and Sheoniagh White as proof of that. But remember my reasoning above. At least three excellent female players in the recent past have all stopped, at least for a time, top level banding citing family/children reasons for their decision. As I said, I have every admiration for women who are prepared to make these sacrifices for the benefit of their kids but I just get the feeling that a man would not be faced with the same pressures.

    To a certain extent the same follows for other fields/sporting activities. In the case of many physically demanding sports there are simple physical reasons why women cannot compete on an equal footing with men and it would be unfair to ask them to do so. I think it was Martina Navratilova who said that if she were asked to play against any top 50 ranked male player she would expect to lose (and indeed she did when playing against Jimmy Connors in an exhibition match). There are sports where these physical differences are not as apparent and women have been successful. I can think of a successful woman rally driver and a couple of successful women jockeys.
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  20. scotchgirl

    scotchgirl Active Member

    John I think its because there is an expectation of women more than men, that they will be the ones who put stuff on hold.

    The way we did it was that as I gave work up, a job I really enjoyed and felt like I was making a difference at, well, my hubby said that he'd give up band (he played percussion). We weren't both able to stay on as we don't have family near we could call on to be regular babysitters...and to be truthful we wouldn't want to do that anyway.

    I have to admit that in our band, I definitely felt as if there was a pressure for us to chose my husband to stay on, and he was actually asked at one point to play instead of me...and has been asked several times since then.

    Bands have to realise that the decision isn't there's when it comes to issues like this. Its an issue I feel really strongly about actually.