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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by satchmo shaz, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    Hi everyone, I have recently taken on a ladies choir who have been struggling recently. I need some ideas to kick start them. They sing in 4 part harmony and do some barbershop stuff. They could do with some new music but I'm not sure where to start. I have ordered a book off the internet about teaching choirs but it hasnt arrived yet. I'm a bit of a novice at this as I havent conducted a choir before.

    Any input would be apprciated

    thanks Shaz
  2. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

  3. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    Blimey ! thanks for that:D
  4. Cornishwomble

    Cornishwomble Active Member

    Get Whoopi Goldberg to join, she did alright for that bunch of nuns!
  5. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    shes busy on a Thursday.... shame, still would like 4 part arr of I will follow him"........... any ideas?

    Also I got hold of a second hand book on choirs by Imogene Holst.............. very good

  6. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    I should have mentioned that if you googled 'voice training', a lot of useful information can be acquired to get the basics of voice production and projection. I have found that this is useful for brass players too (... to a certain degree). :)
  7. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    Cool, thanks I will try that too ;)
  8. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    Well I have my first concert tonight with my new choir................ I need my head examining!!

    Was out Sat night with dance band, out last night with brass band and tonight with choir!!!
    Night off tomorrow though
  9. Binky

    Binky New Member

    For new music..lots of choice both barbershop stuff and 'normal' 4 part female voice try lot's of popular music arranged for female voices not available in this country like "May it be" (Enya) (SSA) and "In to the West" (Annie Lennox) (2 part)and there's lots more...and it's reasonably priced..even to have it sent from u.s. Also try Alan Simmons music his arrangements are simple but effective. There are quite a few fun warm ups available in books which should be on and which may help. I sing in a 4 part choir (SATB) but sometimes we do just ladies stuff. Hope you have a good concert.
  10. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    thanks for that! I have been wondering about new music;)
  11. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    well the choir concert went very well and I've learnt a lot about singing too;)

    I think they think I'm a bit bonkers but they laughed at my jokes!:biggrin:

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