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  1. annmck

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    I play for Bugle Silver Band and we wear hats for marching. The ladies wear the old type police women's hats (without the white covering) and we need to obtain new and replacement hats.
    The original supplier no longer keep them in stock so I am trying to find another retailer. Can anyone help or have any suggestions?
    Someone pointed out that the St Johns Ambulance wear a similar type of hats so does anyone know where they get theirs from?
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    Salvation Army ladies hats look very similar to those worn by policewomen.

    Give SP&S Mail Order a call on 01933 445 445.
  3. Kiz7

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    Alternatively, you could just ditch the hats and move in to the 21st Century!
  4. Liz Courts

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    They'd never keep up their well-deserved deportment prize record at Bugle contest with an attitude like that! Good luck with the hat finding...unfortunately I am unable to help :rolleyes:!
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    :eek: DITCH OUR HATS !! Whatever next :eek:
    As Liz said we have our reputation at Bugle Band Contest to keep up. 2nd in deportment this year. The band that won deportment also wear hats, I think. I might however be wrong on that one. Bugle Silver usually win one of the deportment prizes and it is probably because we wear hats (and also have marching practice before the contest as well).
    I personally like wearing hats for marches. I think it looks very smart even if it is a bit old fashioned.
    Thank you WorldofBrass for your help. We will give that a try. If anyone else has any suggestions they would be most welcome.
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    Hmmm :tongue:

    My band were only talking about starting to wear hats again the other night! Brass Bands aren't a 21st century thing.... we are a traditional bit of British History.... I think we should keep it that way!

    P.S: I hope you've found hats bugle! Do Handley's not sell them?
  7. annmck

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    I understand Handley's stopped doing them because there wasn't much call for them these days !
    We are going to follow up the previous suggestion of trying SP & S.
    Then we have to find somewhere that produces some kind of metal badge to go on the front of the hat. If not it will have to be sew on ones. I'm still looking into that one.
    I'll let you know if we have any success, and hopefully where to get them.

    There is one benefit for chaps (or even chapettes) who are follically hides the thinning bits or disguises the "bad hair day" :biggrin:

    So Meandmycornet, will we be seeing you at Bugle next year to challenge the deportment prize?
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    We now have our new hats which we got from SP&S. They are really smart and the lady I spoke to there a couple of times was so helpfull.
    They are very smart and sturdy. Thank you to those who made suggestions on this thread.
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    Try Alexandra work wear. They supply the prison service and police. BTW I think hats in bands are fab... long live the hat!