Lacquer flugelhorn protection

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  1. Catherine81

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    Hi all

    I have an Olds 4 valve lacquer flugelhorn. I would like to keep it looking nice for as long as possible. My concern is that where I hold the instrument (valve casing and where my right hand reaches over the bell to the valves), the lacquer may become worn.

    Is there any where I can get something that will protect my flugel? I am debating looking at a french horn valve guard/handgrip which may protect the bell, but I am at a loose end when it comes to finding a valve jacket.

    Any pointers would be appreciated

    Many thanks
  2. Andrew Norman

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    Lovely instrument - I'm jealous.
    If you are meticulous about wiping down after use it should help it last - or wear a glove...
  3. nethers

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    A friend of mine got something made up out of leather, and is arranging the same for my beautiful old trombone for the handsy bits.

    Look for someone good with leathercraft, or maybe a furniture upholsterer.
  4. BrianT

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    Instrument Grips

    My trumpet had a leather valve guard for years. When the time came for the trumpet to be reconditioned, the parts in worst condition were those beneath the valve guard. A cover made of fabric or leather will soak up moisture from your hand and keep it in contact with the instrument the whole time. This is bad news for any brass instrument, lacquered or plated. I'd avoid any sort of grip or cover. Just keep it clean and dry, wiping it down when you've finished playing it for the day.
  5. nethers

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    Makes sense - good call.

    Any other possible solutions to this? I give it a good wipe after playing, but I have acid hands (like a superhero).
  6. Catherine81

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    Thanks all. I just keep a soft cloth in the case and wipe it down. I had a valve guard for my Yamaha Xeno trumpet (which was lacquer) and it protected it well, they don't make valve guards for 4 valve flugels!

    I think I'll save my money and just wipe it down after use!
  7. Backrowdiva

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    If you want to get a valve block guard made, try your local saddlery. they should be able to make one for you.