Labour & Love (Arthur Taylor) - circuitous banding?

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    Over the last couple of days I've been helping my mum clear out her loft, and came across a bit of stuff that was up there from after my Dad died including lots of old tapes of radio broadcasts and some of his old books about Brass Bands.

    Amongst the books was a copy of "Labour & Love An Oral History of the Brass Band Movement" by Arthur R. Taylor (Elm Tree Books, 1983, ISBN 0-241-11132-3). I remember Mr Taylor visiting the house with his portable tape recorder and interviewing my Dad - the book is a series of quotations with respect to various periods of Brass Band history from (at that time) fairly eminent people assembled into a timeline.

    The following quotation is from Howard Snell, and is the final paragraph of the book....and I think it's interesting to draw parallels with some of the current discussions on tMP that concern exactly the same thing...

    Remember that was written in 1983.....are we still doing it 24 years later?
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    And I bet we'll still be doing it in another 24 years.:mad: :frown:
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    Most likely.

    Here's another one - this is one of my Dad' put it into context, it's from around the time of Champion Brass and Best of Brass which were knockout competitions on the TV with bands going head to head...

    (Frank Johnson 1983, Ibid. p.263)


    Some other things never change either.

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