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    You can find comfort in the fact that Desford have won nothing of any significance since they operated this way, notwithstanding the odd two horse race a butlins or their area. Maybe it's actually the band with a constant line up that has the advantage rather than the band of ringers/deps/students/unatached? Is there anything different to a band paying players all year to a band only shelling out for a few at contests? (besides deeper pockets)
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    Is this intended or not to imply that students aren't or can't be reliable full-time band members? (Ours are.)
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    Not on my part owain s . It is simply the fact that there are usually a few students about who for their own reasons may not wish to be committed on a full time basis to a band. However, they are in some cases prepared to sign up just to do a couple of rehearsals and a contest. Buying in 1 or 2 is IMO ok, buying in 5 or 6 is not. Only my opinion but not just my opinion!
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    Not a lot of difference Hobgoblin. Some of the big name bands do it all the time, and when they loose sponsorship, they loose a lot of their players or fold completely. Nothing new or remarkable about that, It's been happening for years. The band with the constant line up may or may not have the advantage. That would depend on the quality of the players (amongst other factors).

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    As my old mum used to say to me,

    "Why don't you just F*** O** Bob"

    But she also used to say,

    "There's more than one way to skin a cat"

    And she was right.
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