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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by hornguy1, May 22, 2003.

  1. hornguy1

    hornguy1 Member

    We need these players now!!

    The knottingley silver band require an assistant principal cornet and Baritone player to complete their line up. This forward looking band is based on the A1/ M62 junction near Pontefract. For further information then please e mail or ring the band secreteray, Liz Stimpson on 07793680781
  2. Martin Hall

    Martin Hall Member

    Knottingley (Yorkshire 1st Section) Seek Applications for Quality Baritone Player

    Extremely friendly band based near pontefract with easy access from the A1 / M62 require a quality baritone player to complete the section line up!

    Up and coming events include the senior cup "spring festival" contest at Blackpool.

    Please Private Message for details.
  3. Martin Hall

    Martin Hall Member

    Knottingley Silver - Yorks 1st Section - Eb Bass

    Ebb Bass player required, good practices, friendly atmosphere, and good times to be had.

    Please private message me for details.

    Many thanks
  4. Martin Hall

    Martin Hall Member

    Ebb Bass Required West Yorkshire 1st Section

    Knottingley Silver have vancancy for Ebb bass, please private message me in confidence for details.
  5. trombone-john

    trombone-john Member

    Hmm might fancy that, Where's Knottingley??
  6. Martin Hall

    Martin Hall Member

    Nice to see you about "trombone - john", hope your bands doing ok!!!
  7. trombone-john

    trombone-john Member

    Eh up matey

    Gotta get up earlier to catch you out then!
    At least it puts you back to the top of the pile mate!!

    We're still struggling on, & hoping to get to the areas.
    Don't know if we'll be able to play the piece if we get there!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy hunting mate.
  8. agentorange

    agentorange Member

    Musical Director Required - Knottingley Silver

    Yorkshire Area - 1st Section
    5 mins from M62/A1, near Pontefract

    we require a

    We have a vacancy for an excellent musician and leader to take us forward.We're a friendly but ambitious first section band seeking a quality m.d.

    For more information, or to apply in confidence contact :-
    Neil Johnson (band manager) on 07789 516022
  9. agentorange

    agentorange Member

    Just to let you know, we will continue to accept applications for the above position until the 31st Aug 2006.
  10. Martin Hall

    Martin Hall Member

    Knottingley - Baritone Player Required

    What more can i say, friendly, good 1st section band needs a baritone player.

    Practice nights Monday and Thursday 8 - 10.

    Bandroom situated 2 mins from A1/M62 near Pontefract.

    PM for more details.
  11. agentorange

    agentorange Member

    Well, today is the final day that applications will be accepted for the above position.

    Many thanks to everyone who has either applied, expressed an interest, or just wished us well in our search for a suitable person.

    We have had a number of quality applicants, including some well known names from the brass band world.

    We will continue to audition a number of people over the next few weeks, and hopefully, we'll be in a position to announce our new M.D by the end of September.
  12. agentorange

    agentorange Member

    Solo Baritone & 2nd Trombone Required - Yorkshire

    Yorkshire Area - 1st Section
    5 mins from M62/A1, near Pontefract

    Require - Solo Baritone
    - 2nd Trombone.

    We' re looking to recruit players of a good standard to fill the above vacancies. We're a hard working band who take our music seriously, but like to enjoy ourselves too.

    Any interested parties wanting to apply, or just want more information are welcome to PM me in strictest confidence, or phone me on 07789 516022
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  13. Martin Hall

    Martin Hall Member

    Just to add a point of interest to this, both our top and bass bones are super players with stacks of experience and would "bring -on" any player who is currently working hard to improve there playing, perhaps from a lower section band!!!

    i say this because i know that many a player are apprehensive about making th jump from 3rd/4th section to 1st/champ, i know, been there myself!!

    so come on dont be afraid, get in touch!
  14. agentorange

    agentorange Member

    Front Row Cornet/Flugel required - Knottingley Silver Band

    Yorkshire Area - 1st Section
    5mins from M62/A1 junction 33

    We currently have a vacancy for the position of Assistant Principal Cornet. This would allow Steve Clayton (our current 2nd man) to return to his natural instrument of flugel.

    We would also consider applications for the Flugel chair however, as Steve (a true bandsman!) is willing to stay on cornet, if necassary.

    These are exciting times at Knottingley, having recently strengthened the ranks by signing two new baritone players. We have also recently appointed Robin Morgan as our new M.D. - see the thread on TMP for more information and to see positive remarks from other banders!

    For more information, or to apply in confidence then either PM me, or if you prefer, give me a call on 07789 516022.​
  15. Martin Hall

    Martin Hall Member

    Front Row Cornet - Yorkshire 1st Section

    Knottingley Silver Band based near Pontefract require a capable front row cornet to complete the team!!

    Reherasals are Monday and Thursday 8 - 10 and we have excellent transport links via the M62 / A1 and local train services!

    Lifts are also available through our wide spread and willing members.

    Forthcoming contests include Area and spring festival, plus a challenging concert program to keep interests high!

    We have a new MD and bandroom atmosphere is great!!!!!!

    Please note our website is currently unavailable!!!!

    Come on dont be shy, were a great band, and just need to fill this seat!!!!
  16. crafty cornet

    crafty cornet New Member

    come on all cornet players!!!

    Any cornet players wanting a great band with a great bandroom atmosphere should really give Knottingley a try.These are exciting times for the band with a new conductor,some new faces and some old freinds returning.
    If you're interested then why not come along to Wakefield Cathedral on Saturday 28th October at 7.30pm and listen to our latest concert.
    Come on,give us a try!!!
    PM either myself(CRAFTY CORNET) or MARTIN HALL if you're interested.
  17. agentorange

    agentorange Member

    My tickets say 7pm.
    Do you know something i dont????!
  18. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    I've helped this bunch out in the past and they're a good lot, with a good bandroom atmosphere and a solid setup.

    Well worth it to go for a blow if you're considering your options.
  19. crafty cornet

    crafty cornet New Member

    Agentorange is right,the concert in the Cathedral starts at 7.00pm.My typing error.Come on give us a go!
  20. crafty cornet

    crafty cornet New Member

    Soprano cornet required

    Knottingley Silver Band would like to invite applications for the vacant Soprano chair,due to a restructuring of the cornet section.
    We are a friendly 1st section band looking to progress.
    PM's to either myself or Martin Hall (principle cornet)

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